Quickest Month Of My Life

On May 27, 2012…my baby turned 1 month old!  This is how it’s going to be from now on, isn’t it?  Time is going to fly right on by, rushing every precious moment I have with this tiny little baby who isn’t going to be so tiny for much longer.  I can’t wait to see what each day brings, with all of Mia’s new sounds and movements.  It’s amazing to watch her mature the way a baby should.  Her eyes bring out her flourishing brain.  She’s learning new things every day and watching her advancements is pretty much the coolest thing.  At the same time, my heart breaks knowing that I’ll never get these moments again.  That’s the thing with “firsts”.  Just about every time I look at this perfect little girl, I remind myself to cherish her and to preserve the image of her sweet little face, her fresh baby scent, her soft voice, her screeching cries and the bonding moments we share in a vault somewhere in the back of my brain.  I’ll never get these days back but I’m so grateful and blessed to even have them at all.

Good morning, Mia Bug! (My favorite time of day)


We love the baby “gowns”…easy to check for a dirty diaper

Pretty in pink

It’s a good thing Mia’s so darn cute, because we may have tried to push her back in with all the difficulty she’s been giving us this past month.  The first 4 weeks were the toughest.  She’s colicky and very needy.  Basically, this means we have to hold her all the time and while moving.  If you were a fly on the wall in our house, you’d see me with a baby in my arms, walking in circles through the kitchen, dining room and living room while bouncing her or patting her back. You can’t just sit down and bounce her, she wants you up on your feet.  This explains why I’m so dang tired at the end of every day and probably why I’ve managed to lose the majority of my baby weight already.  I rarely sit still unless she’s feeding or napping.  The colic creeped in during the late evening.  She screeched and screamed for hours, turning as red as a tomato and there wasn’t a thing we could do to soothe her.  It’s heart breaking to not know what to do to help your baby feel better.  My guess is that she was having tummy pains and issues.  I spent every minute I had free to search the Internet for advice and for possible solutions to our problems.  Everyone has something different to say and none of it seemed to work.  We figured we would just have to wait it out until she matured more.

The one really great thing about Mia is that she seems to know that night time is bed time.  Of course, she doesn’t sleep straight through the night, but she does sleep for 2-3 hours at a time, wakens quietly, I breast feed her in bed and she would easily fall back asleep for another 2 hours…then repeat.  I manage to get an average of 6-7 hours of sleep a night, broken up.  I have yet to feel sleep deprived.  I don’t know if I would have survived the 1st month had she not allowed me to sleep and rest up for our daily battle.  But, we did survive.  We did it together as a family and we’re better from it.

Okay, month numero dos…bring it on.

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  1. A lot of the bloggers I have been following have had this issue with their babies too! They discovered it was reflux. One of them cut all cow dairy out of her diet and that really helped her baby. Anyway, I hope little Mia feels better soon! I would check into the reflux issue. :)

  2. She is getting so big, can't believe a month has passed already! LOVE the pics!

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