Rockin’ Robes!

Hi, art lovers!  Today’s art project is one I created for my students to take home to Daddy for their Father’s Day art.  We were inspired by the famous artist, Jim Dine, and his paintings of robes.  My students studied a few examples of them before beginning.  Here are a few:

dine robes1 

dine robes2

They recreated the painting called Bill Clinton Robe.

Dine Bill Clinton Robe

  1. First, they drew the basic outline of the robe, along with the inside shapes and lines.
  2. They then used Crayola oil pastels to fill in each section of the robe with a different color.  These pastels are used just like regular crayons, but they are much messier so it’s important to instruct the artist not to rub or smear their hands across their paper or their art will smudge.
  3. Once the robe is colored in, a black oil pastel is used to outline EVERY single pencil line they drew. Another black outline was added to the robe, floating around the figure and not touching it.  Feel free to add a few black lines to the inside where a “fold” or “wrinkle” might be in the robe. Here’s one finished robe by one of my 1st grade students:

jim dine robe1

NOTE: If your artist is older and/or more advanced, encourage him/her to add more detail or maybe even use soft pastels to shadow in the negative space like Dine did with the color black, in his own art. Using soft pastels for the entire project is more advanced and has a nicer looking result as well. I used oil pastels with my first graders because this medium is much easier to control and contain than soft pastels.

Feel free to shoot any questions my way. Also, I always love seeing what you come up with from my project ideas so send me pictures of your creations! Thanks.


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