Santa, Baby

So on Christmas day, Mia had hardly napped at all and we thought it best to give Santa a rain check for photos with her. He kindly accepted and came back for a quick photo session a few days later.

This was Mia’s first time meeting Santa and she wasn’t scared at all. She was curious and, of course, serious. No smiles out of this one, no matter how silly Grandma and Mommy acted to get even the slightest smirk.

santa1 santa2 santa3 santa4


After 2 “costume changes”, and too much sitting…she had enough. Hooray for the classic crying-baby-on-Santa’s-lap-photo.

There’s was only one mystery that afternoon. Grandpa had wanted to be there for the photo shoot with Santa, but he was nowhere to be found when Santa showed up. As soon as Santa left, Grandpa reappeared! Aw, reindeer poop! He missed the whole thing ;)

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