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Do I know what the heck I’m doing with this whole “Mom” business? No. Do any of us first-timers really have a full and complete handle on all that is parenting? Doubtful. Do we go to other experienced folks such as parents and doctors and books and specialists for answers from time to time? Yes. Are they the most definitive source and should be taken at their word at all times? Well, no. So that pretty much leaves us clueless, yet again, with our baby/kid questions. You gather information from whoever and wherever you can and you stick with whatever results you feel are the most common and, of course, you throw some of that maternal/paternal intuition in there, too.

But what about when it comes to sippy learner cups? I try to encourage my kid along the path of timely milestones and take the “averages” of other kids accomplishments into consideration, but I don’t push anything on her. She marches to the beat of her own drum and as with every child, they will move on when they’re ready. I was told by my pediatrician to stop the use of a bottle when my daughter turned a year old. That was 5 months ago and it wasn’t until a week ago that my daughter quit the bottle. Like I said, I don’t push…but I have encouraged. And let me tell you, the only resource who’s going to be the definitive answer on how things go down with this transition, is your kid!

I read so many reviews and other bloggers’ posts and comments on the matter, recommending every cup known to man as the best or the only one their kid would drink from. Thanks for the tips, but the proof is in the putting…and I put 6 different cups in front of my daughter before she made a connection with one. The most puzzling part of it all, is that she drinks water just fine from all 5 cups below. When I put milk in them with her meals, she’ll take a sip thinking it’s water and as soon as she tastes milk, she wants nothing to do with it. Milk had to be in a bottle, or nothing at all. I don’t get it.

sippy cups1

My theory on this pain-in-the-ass-pickle we were in, is that maybe she needs a sippy cup that looks like a bottle. I would tell my husband that I thought we needed to find a cup that is clear and has no handles. Something to fool the kid with. While grocery shopping (Vons) last week, I strolled through the baby aisle and paused at the bottles/cups. I saw a particular cup that matched my previous criteria for what I thought would be a success. In the cart it went and later that night, into my Mia’s mouth it went, too. My fingers were crossed while she spent a second or two giving it an extra look, but she drank all of her milk from it with no problem and has been ever since. We finally have our winning cup. But when one milestone/accomplishment is complete, there’s always another one (harder than the last) right around the corner. You guessed it…potty training. Don’t they have a training facility or camp we can send her to for this? I mean, they have that kind of thing for dogs. Just saying.

sippy cups2

I’d love to read about your sippy learner cup stories and experiences and so would all the other parents reading this. Sharing is caring.

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  1. We have had luck with all Nuk products from the get go — the pacifiers, the bottles, and the same “learner” cup you posted when she started drinking water with her solids at about six months. It’s so funny how every baby is different. At one year old now I am starting to think about trying to get her using the next cup she she doesn’t chew these to pieces, but I don’t even want to start the transition process… never a dull moment!

  2. My munchkin doesn’t really have a sippy cup preference, but he does drink from a regular cup quite well. Often if he won’t take something in a sippy, I put it in a glass (cross our fingers, none have broken yet) and he does just fine. I do still give him a sippy for when he’s on the go, playing, etc., but for meal times I usually do a cup.

  3. Omg you can sooooo be talking about Eva here. That nuk sippy is the ONLy one she will drink milk from, even though she drinks water from any other one. Weird…

  4. @Jenna: Oh man! I bet a garage sale at your residence would be like hitting the baby jackpot! That little rascal, Abby! These kids don\\\’t make no sense. Thanks for the comment!

    @Caitlin: I hope this helps ya\’ll. good luck and thanks for the comment!

  5. Totally in the same boat! My girl will drink water out of any sippy, but not milk! Totally frustrating. Gonna pick up this cup today, thanks for the post :)

  6. I’ve got 2 big shopping bags in the garage full of cups Abby won’t drink milk from. I’ve tried all the cups you tried (even the one Mia likes) plus about 10 more. Water ok, but no milk. At almost 18 months she still insists on the bottle for her milk. I figure one day she will surprise me and just do it, just like Mia. All kids move at their own pace.

  7. Mac would drink milk from the born free bottles, but would resist it from the born free cup. It doesn’t come out as fast and I guess she wanted it to come out like a bottle. She LOVED the Nalgene cup, though, as she got older for water and used them until last year. We had them in every color. LOL! Basically, once I took away the bottle.. I took away the milk. She won’t drink it anymore.

    • Interesting. Never heard of the Nalgene cup but I\’m gonna look it up :) When you find something good, you get in every color for sure, clothes and shoes as well. Thanks for the comment!

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