So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Q: What’s one of the “baby’s 1sts” that Daddy Dom has been waiting to do with his Daughter since the day she was born?

A:  (photo reveal!)

When Daddy’s around, forget the baby tub.  She heads straight into the shower with him.  I was hesitant at first to let him do this, worried that her slippery wiggly little body would slip out of his hands and onto the hard floor.  We only have a shower in our bathroom, not a tub.  But, we do have a shower stool that Daddy can sit on and we put a washcloth on his lap so she had a place to sit without slipping.  He also used a washcloth to hold her with for a better grip.  Our shower head detaches so it makes it easy to control the direction of the water so it doesn’t get in her eyes or ears.

This kid LOVED it!  She likes being held so I think she feels safe in his arms.  She also is warmer, skin to skin and enclosed in the warm shower rather than the cold kitchen.

Look how stinkin’ cute she looks!!!  I love her face, wet or dry :)

And oh that clean baby smell!  If only I could add a Scratch n’ Sniff section to this post, you’d find out why I think I may have discovered a new way to “get high”….I sniff and inhale my baby like a fanatic. Intoxicating.  I’m strung out I tell ya!

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  1. i love my baby girl, just looking at these pics (when she is less than ten feet away) makes me get weak.. she is AMAZING!!

  2. This is adorable! She is changing so much! I can;t wait to see her again!

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