So, you come here often? ;)

Well I hope so!

If not, I’d like to welcome all of my new visitors and sprouting bookblogworms!  Momista Beginnings has received an all-tme high number of views today and we’re pretty stoked about it.  That’s the payoff for our involvement in sponsoring a really cool blog, OhDearDrea, belonging to a pretty chill chick, Drea.  Notice my choice of adjectives?  It’s a very hot day, what can I say.  Anyways, she posted her monthly blurb featuring her month of May sponsors giving them (and us) a quick shout-out for their (and our) much appreciated support.  Make sure to click on over (on image below) to her neck-of-the-woods for a chunk of her natural approach to life and to raising her adorable little girl.

Now, thank you, reader, for following your curiosity and bumping into us here.  Check out our About Us to get the lowdown on the folks who’s ramblings you’re reading.  We keep it honest and we keep it real.  Come on back for the latest wrinkle in our life, for updates with our newborn, for inspiring ideas, for my very own art projects for kids (I’m an art teacher), the occasional recipe, fun photos, product reviews and more.

Mia says, "Vote! Or else...knuckle sandwich."

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