Sometimes, you just have to shove your kid into a bounce house

I mean, who doesn’t love to bounce around in one of those things?! Well, my kid didn’t…until last weekend.

There had been other previous attempts to interest her in entering a bounce house, but she completely resisted. Wasn’t havin’ it. She’d get as close as a few inches from the door and would kick and shout until we gave up on the idea. Funny thing, she’d jump up and down outside of the bounce house while watching other kids having a blast inside, but she was too scared to join them. Last weekend we were presented with another opportunity to give it a try at a 1st birthday party.

It started out like the last, excited about jumping and seeming totally impressed with this giant inflatable room (on the ground) but wanting nothing to do with checking it out on the inside. More kicks and shouts when just reaching the entrance. So, I decided to put on my mom pants and do what I know is best for my kid. That’s right, I know what’s best for her (and I will for many more years to come) and at that moment, the best thing for her was to be forced into the bounce house against her will.

I could feel the eyes from the party on my back, watching me juggle a squirming, wiggling, fussing, resistant child as I shoved her into the small opening at the entrance. I jumped inside right after her. I must have looked like a big ol’ meanie, but I was willing to be the temporary bad guy for a chance at Mia overcoming her fear of the interior of a bounce house. And that’s exactly what happened.

It was amazing as her Mama, to witness her figure out her balance on this new, bouncy surface as she jumped for the first time alongside a few other young party-goers. She had loved this thing all along and just needed a little “push” to realize it. Watching her realize it, with eyes lighting up and a giant smile across her face, was completely worth the original struggle to get in and the strange looks from the other parents. She ended up spending most of her time jumping and bouncing, and she was the last kid out at the end of the party.



5She begged Daddy to come in and join her. “Dada! Come, Dada! Come!”


I mean really, could you turn down such an adorable request? Nope. And neither could Daddy Dom.


Daddy Dom wasn’t the only Dad who humored his little one. Secretly, I think they were both looking for a reason to get in there.


The other hit of the party, was an inflatable pool filled with plastic balls. All of the kids loved it.



And there’s my little Klepto at work, stealing all of the party hats to wear on her arm.


No party is complete without something delicious and sweet.


This kid wears clothes for the sole purpose of having something soft to wipe her dirty hands onto.


And yet another item stolen. She usually hates wearing anything on her head. This Hello Kitty crown was special. Maybe her feelings of pride for overcoming her fears early on made her feel inclined to crown herself princess for the day (sorry, “queen” is already taken by Mama, here). Crown or no crown, she’s already my princess every day from now until forever.    13

Sometimes, you just have to shove your kid into a bounce house.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with your daughter and her first bounce house! I agree that they’re such a fun activity for kids, and are great for parties. Plus, your photos are so cute as well- it’s great that she had such a great time! In fact, this makes me want to get a bounce house for my son’s eighth birthday party.

  2. Ahhh that last photo is ADORABLE!! And I totally agree, sometimes you do just have to shove your kid into a bounce house hahaha And many other things you know they’ll love but apprehensive of.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE these shots Misty!!!!! Love love love her too <3 Little Klepto ;) Her first expression of being unsure, but smiling.. such an awesome mommy moment. That's what it's all about right? Teaching them to overcome their fears.. push a little further than they thought possible.. this is life. And one day.. these princesses of ours.. will grow up to b wonderful queens <3

    • Haha awesome comment, Carol! Thanks :) It definitely was a great mommy moment, made both Dom and I proud. This kid IS GOING to try everything at least once (well not EVERYTHING) but all fun things like this. Hopefully, she’ll one day be as adventurous as Maddy!

  4. This is awesome. Eva has never been in one but I ordered one for her birthday party… I wonder how she’ll react.

    • Sweet! You know, up until that party I was making plans for Mia’s birthday to be held at a park. After seeing how much she loved the bounce house, we instantly changed plans to have it at our house and we’re not renting a bounce house, too. It was out of the question before, seeing how she refused to try it out. Really excited about her party now. Eva seems pretty adventurous, I’m sure she’ll love it.

  5. ah, what an achievement — she conquered her very first bounce house! yay! good job, mama. ;] gorgeous photos, too. <3

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