Sooooooo, THIS happened…

As Daddy Dom was getting ready to join his wifey and baby girl for bed, he discovered this…

nighty with binky

I remember him waking me up by pulling Mia’s binky out of my mouth and asking me what the heck am I doing. I was half asleep in my response and I’m sure I looked and sounded like such a weirdo.

Explanation: It was a very cold night and I had Mia all bundled up in my arms and asleep on the couch. I went to my room to hit the hay but it was much colder in there than in the rest of the house. Her binky had been sitting on my night stand and it felt cold as ice. If Mia woke up while getting in bed, I didn’t want to stick such a cold piece of plastic in her mouth and startle her so I put it in my mouth to warm it up. Obviously, I passed out with it in there.

Ooops. Silly mommy.

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  1. Hahaha aww this is classic!

  2. The best!! <3 Being a mommy is an exhausting job!!! Wait till she goes to school and wants her clothes in the dryer before she gets dressed….. gotta love our princesses!

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