Sounder Sleep with a Zipadee-Zip! (Review and Giveaway)

I’ve got a question for all of the parents out there: What was the most common phrase out of other parents’ mouths when news spread that you were expecting your first child? I’m pretty confident that most of you were told, constantly, that you were never going to sleep AGAIN! “Better rest up now, because you’ll barely sleep once the baby arrives!”

Am I right??? Sleep is also one of the first questions other people ask new parents about the baby. “So, is baby sleeping through the night yet?” “How is baby sleeping?” “Is baby taking naps in the day?” And some will actually give a damn about you, the parent, and ask how your sleep is going. To which I’m sure we’ve all responded with, “Don’t ask.”


Sleep. It’s a big deal. And you never really knew how precious it was until you had kids.

Now, some of you may have “easy” babies who will nap whenever and wherever, for lengthy naps and throughout the night. If this sounds like your baby, keep this a secret because no one else wants to hear that! Just kidding, kinda…congrats to you, you’re lucky!

For the rest of us (the majority, I think), getting our babies the right amount of sleep they need (especially after they outgrow that newborn drowsiness) is not an easy task. I was just recently having some major issues getting my then, three month old, to take naps longer than 30 minutes each and was dealing with numerous night wakings. I ended up reading a sleep book that has proven to be very effective with helping Margo get more sleep. I think having a sleep schedule and routine is so important for promoting better sleep for our little ones. More sleep for them means having a much happier and alert baby during wakeful hours of the day, not to mention a more rested parent.


Now for us, this new, consistent schedule of ours is a big part of what has helped Margo get the rest she needs. One other important piece of our routine, is the use of a Zipadee-Zip! What the heck is that, you ask? It’s a wearable blanket that turns my baby into a little “sea star” (as I call her), because that’s what she looks like when she’s in it. It’s designed for the transitional phase when baby outgrows swaddle blankets, but also works great for babies who’ve never been swaddled at all.

It’s basically like a star-shaped blanket, created by Sleeping Baby, that zips up with baby inside it. Hands and feet are covered, but baby can still move freely in the crib while wearing it. The fit of the Zipadee-Zip creates slight resistance and pressure when baby opens their arms out wide, or stretches their arms and feet straight out. This is meant to soothe them, just like the coziness they felt inside the womb. For those of you who watch the show, Shark Tank, you may have already seen this product since the creators were actually on the show and their Zipadee-Zip was a hit! If you haven’t seen their episode, check it out here. The husband and wife team that created it do an excellent job of selling their product and explaining just why it works so well. I also dare you to watch it without getting a little choked up or teary-eyed! Failed, right here.


For Margo’s first three months of life, we swaddled her with receiving blankets and she loved it. She’d fall right to sleep and would take long naps. The key is to perfect the swaddle, folks. If you say that your baby never liked being swaddled, my guess is that you weren’t doing it right. Tight and snug is the ticket. But, as Margo grew and gained more strength and mobility, she’d bust right out of the swaddle! Her arms would flail around, startle her and awaken her from sleep. Her swaddling days were over. It was pure luck or fate that brought the people of the Zipadee-Zip to my blog, right when we were facing this transition. When I received an email from them, asking me to review their product, I was thrilled! After checking out their website and watching the testimonial videos from other happy customers, I could only hope that Margo would respond well to their product as well.

It’s now been a little over a month since I’ve received our very own Zipadee-Zip and I can honestly tell  you that Margo hasn’t taken a single nap or slept a single night without it! I’ve tried putting her to sleep without it, and she gets pretty upset. I’ve always ended up picking her back up, putting her in the Zipadee-Zip and laying her back in the crib. Guess what? She falls asleep within minutes. It’s become such a big part of our routine, it’s like she knows it’s nap time as soon as lay her down on the bed to zip her up in it. As soon as both arms are placed inside the little “sleeves”, her eyes begin to roll back and her eyelids droop down. It’s a huge signal for nap time/bed time and also is like a soothing device. She loves it!


Some of the things I like about it are:

  • It’s lightweight and breathable. Even on a hot day, she’s rarely sweaty from wearing it. I also make sure she’s wearing a simple onesie underneath so she won’t become too heated.
  • It has a zip-closure, which means it goes on and comes off very easily, even in the middle of the night during a diaper change and I can hardly see what I’m doing in the dark. The zipper tucks into a little pocket underneath the neck so it doesn’t scratch or pinch baby while wearing it.
  • Margo is still able to move around in the crib while wearing it. She’s able to stretch her body and roll to either side to get comfortable. I often find her facing the opposite direction that I had placed her in there. She’s only rolled onto her tummy a few times lately. Babies that like to flip onto their bellies during naps or at night won’t have trouble doing so while wearing this.
  • The way it fits creates slight resistance against her hands and feet, so she still gets that close and cozy feel from the womb. It’s such a great transition piece to use after the swaddle. It helps soothe her startle-reflex, so her arms and feet don’t wake her up. The “Moro” (or startle) reflex jolts a baby awake with a falling sensation. Babies are startled because they wake up and can’t feel their edges like they could in the womb. The Zipadee-Zip provides those “edges” or womb-like environment.
  • It keeps Margo warm at night, without the use of loose blankets in the crib.
  • It keeps her from scratching her face or pulling at her hair. I noticed during the few times I attempted nap time without the Zipadee-Zip, she’d tug and pull at her hair while trying to fall asleep. No balding spots for her, now.
  • She can wear it in the car seat and still be buckled up, safely.
  • I like the fun, different fabric prints and patterns that they offer their product in.
  • It’s affordable! And let’s just be honest…you really can’t put a price on sleep for both baby and parent.

No bologna here, guys. The Zipadee-Zip has played a huge role in helping my baby effectively self-soothe and I plan to use it as long as it takes for her to fall asleep completely unassisted. Lucky for me, it comes in larger sizes so it can grow along with her. I did receive the garment shown for free, but I’m actually going to purchase a second one because you just have to have two. Why? Because accidents happen and when baby pees through her diaper in the middle of the night and on to the Zipadee-Zip…you’re screwed if you have just one! It’s already happened to us but luckily I didn’t catch the wetness until morning and was able to get it washed and dried before her first nap began. A back-up piece is a must!


I’m so grateful that Sleeping Baby reached out to me, especially at the time that they did. The Zipadee-Zip has truly made Margo’s naps and bedtime a breeze for us. This is a product that I’ll be praising and spreading the good word on for always. It’s a perfect gift for a new parent and for those who are struggling with their baby’s sleep. Like all things new, it may take a day or two for baby to get used to the feel of it (or maybe it works immediately), but stick it out and I’d bet that baby will end up loving it.

The Giveaway

I’m stoked to be able to share such a great product with all of you and I’m even more excited about getting the opportunity to give one of these bad boys away to one of my readers! That’s right, Sleeping Baby is hosting a giveaway through my blog! Each of you have a few entries you can earn via the Rafflecopter below. I’ll be running the giveaway for one week from Thursday, August 27th through Thursday, September 3rd. Good luck, ya’ll!

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  11. My sister will SOOOO need this in a few months! She is going through the same things now with her first baby, Claire, that you went through/are going through with Margo. Swaddling is working for now when it stays tight, but she can be a regular houdini some days so I can only imagine how quickly she will be able to get out of it in a few months!!!

  12. Ashley Bree Perez says

    would love to win!

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    Ooooh I could use this for our baby due in November!!! :)

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