“Summer Bucket List” check-off #1: Kidspace

This is our first summer with a “bucket list”. I posted all of the fun goals we’d like to check off over the next few months, HERE. I’m not working this summer (I know, I’ve mentioned this a dozen times already, I’m excited #sorrynotsorry) which makes the completion of these goals look pretty promising. Just into week two and I’ve already checked off an item.

Last week, Mia and I went to Kidspace Children’s Museum with another gal pal and her daughter. It was our first time there and a place I’ve been waiting for Mia to be old enough for to visit. She’s a few months over two and a pretty active kid, so I figured this summer would be her time to go.


Mia’s friend, Maddy, is a pretty amazing kid. She’s always so patient, sweet and helpful with Mia and she is one of Mia’s most favorite people. It’s so cute to see Maddy carrying Mia around (even though she doesn’t have to) and cracks me up to see how content Mia is with it. It’s like they’re both just humoring each other.


Long legs come in handy, most of the time. But my 5′ 2″ self wouldn’t know for sure.


This place has many little water play areas, so if you make a visit yourself be sure to bring a change of clothes and water shoes (which must be worn at all times while in the water).


I really liked the natural appearance of the creeks and ponds. Mia was almost unsure as to whether or not she was allowed to get in there.


Floor water fountains are endless entertainment for kids (and a few adults). I’m thinking my backyard would be a great place for one or a few. Ahem, husband?? That’s your cue.



The entryway into the museum is pretty fantastic. There’s so much visual stimulation that always catches the eye of the children that come through. These two were more interested on our way out.




Okay, now for my honest review of Kidspace at this point in our lives. This place is awesome. However, it’s not totally awesome for us right now. Mia is in a very cautious and careful phase where she doesn’t just dive into activities or jumps right into new experiences. She watches and observes a lot before deciding if something is for her. If other kids are involved, she’s more likely to follow suit but even then, sometimes she’d just rather be clinging to me while perched up on my hip. We’ve been working on this and I think by getting her out there and into the world more, she will slowly become more bold. Because of this, Mia didn’t take advantage of all the fun activities they have there for kids. I think I’ll wait until she’s a little older and bit more mature before we make another visit.

Also, I’m not crazy about the price. It’s $11 for adults and children. I didn’t feel like our few hours there (it’s not that big of an area to cover) was worth $22. I don’t really get why parents have to pay so much, it’s not like we’re participating in their features. We’re merely chaperones for the little ones and watching from the sideline. And $11 for a 2 year old, who is only big enough to participate with less than half of their features? Eh. A little pricey. That’s another reason for waiting until she’s older. When she’s older and can access everything they have to offer, then we’ll probably buy a season pass for the place because it is pretty cool. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a cheap ass.

I’m definitely glad we went. The few smiles I got from Mia were worth the new experience and now we can say we’ve been there AND we can cross our first item off of our summer bucket list. Woo-hoo! Here’s what it looks like, now!

bucket list check off 1

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  1. I love the bucket list idea! This is definitely I want to do with my kids in the future. Great way to keep them busy and prevent the boredom. :)


    • Thanks for the comment, Hayley. It’s my first bucket list ever and something I plan to repeat each year. It’s a great way to hold myself accountable for creating a fun summer of childhood memories for my daughter (and us parents). And btw, I checked out your blog as well. I like it :)

  2. I’ve never heard of that place! Looks fun. And your hubby should totally hook you guys up with a splash pad.

    • That’s what I’m sayin’, Erica! If anyone could do it, he can. Kidspace is actually kind of hidden next to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. It’s a little gem.

  3. Ugh the prices are insane for like everything, ESPECIALLY when you are with a toddler! I feel like sometimes I’m paying for my kid to just be there and look around and show me what in a few years she’ll actually be able to participate in. There’s ONE place around here where it’s an indoor playground basically and it’s 9$ per kid for all day and that comes with 2 free passes for adults, which makes SO MUCH more sense! Regardless, that place looks awesome, especially the rock climbing wall!! At least you got some great photos of Mia and got to see her smile. I guesssss mayyyybe it’s totally worth it :)

    • Hey, that’s not too bad Tina. The free adult passes is where it’s at. More places here in SoCal need to jump on that. I’ll have to do another review of Kidspace when Mia’s older and I guess then I can determine whether or not their prices are worth it :)

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