“Summer Bucket List” check-off #2: Family Hike

It was a spontaneous, quick hike that began with an unexpected phone call from Daddy Dom with news that he was ending work early and was down to meet me at one of our favorite hiking spots. Twenty-five minutes later, Mia and I were appropriately dressed and were headed out of the door with two big dogs on our way to check off our 2nd item off of our summer bucket list. We went on our first family hike of the summer.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that we had built it up to be in our heads. Mia has been on hikes with Daddy Dom a few times last year with the dogs and had done wonderfully (or so I was told). Apparently, she would hike most of the trail on her own at an impressive rate and without fuss. This time, this wasn’t the case.

When we all got there, she was stoked over the idea of our hike. The first few hundred feet of the hike is a narrow and steep descending hill on the cliff side. I carried Mia down it and attempted to put her down on her feet once we got to the bottom. Nope, she wasn’t having it. We went a little further and tried again. No way. After a while, my arms were becoming sore and I just put her down. She was not a happy hiker. She fussed, screamed, and wouldn’t move. She stomped her feet and begged for me to pick her up. We went back and forth for a while like this before I ended up picking her up again so we could continue. If we were at home I’d put her rear end into time-out for causing a scene but here, well we wanted our hike.

Further down our trail, I attempted setting her down again and an even bigger scene was made. I even tried putting her in a time-out by sitting her on a rock without letting her get up. Whoa. This kid has a set of lungs on her. I tried for longer to get her to walk but this only resulted in lots of tears and screams and a big fat tantrum. In my arms she went (once again) and I continued down the trail, defeated but among the peace and quiet I had hoped for.

It wasn’t until we got to this spot below that Mia wanted to get down on her own to play in the water (of course). We decided that this was as far as we were going on this day (we didn’t make it to the waterfall, bummer). After Mia got to explore on her own for a bit, she was more than willing to hike the trail back to the car. She pretty much did it all on her own while I got to kick back a little to take some pictures.











The photo below isn’t that spectacular. I’m including it because it’s the first photo I’ve taken with my new lens where I’m actually using it for its macro capabilities (duh, it’s a macro lens). Since I was trying to keep up with the group, I had only a few seconds at a time to stop and snap a photo of something, which in this case was slightly swaying in the wind (which explains the blur). Even so, this photo clearly demonstrates the power of my new macro and I’m excited about becoming more familiar with this lens over the summer. You’ll be seeing a lot more close-ups on the blog as I practice my macro skills :)


The second half of our hike was a breeze. It was exactly what Daddy Dom had been looking forward to and we saw Mia at complete ease in her element out in nature. This kid has some speed. She was truckin’ along and keeping up with our pace, practically jogging the whole way back. Do I see a future running buddy for Mommy? Damn right I do. You can be sure she’ll be right beside me (or more likely, I’ll be in her dust) at a future marathon.

To get Mia more comfortable with hiking and trails, we plan to go on more hikes and gradually choose longer ones. I think we made the mistake of pushing Mia too soon when our hike began, to do it on her own. She’s not the type to just dive right in, she has to slowly get a feel for her surroundings before she’s finally ready. She does things on her terms, not ours, and we have to accept that and be patient with her.

Hooray for another item checked off of our summer bucket list, though! Here’s what the list looks like now…

bucket list check off 2

* You can see our first bucket list check-off here, at Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena.

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  1. I love that you are making a summer bucket list, this is a great idea! I should do this as well because when it comes time to do things I can never come up with anything to do (even though there are a million things to do in this city!). Hiking is one of my favs, glad you guys got out as a family.

    • Thanks, Jordan. The list definitely does hold me accountable for getting out of the house and doing fun things. Makes me want to make more bucket lists of goals to accomplish in the next year, in 5 years, regarding my photo biz, dates with my husband, etc. It also gets us to try new things which I always love to do. Thanks for the comment :)

  2. looks like a nice adventure!!! we’ve also made a summer bucket list, it’s great to check it ;)

    • Thanks for commenting, Mirari. This is our first bucket list. So glad we did this and we’ll be coming up with a new one each summer :)

  3. I love this! You know how I feel about hiking! <3 <3 I also love that you are actually checking things off the list and sharing the adventures as you go. So many bloggers make those lists and don't do a darned thing with them. So great job, mama!! xo

    • Thanks, Dena. Hiking has sorta become a lost art around here. It felt great to dip our feet into it once again (even with a small and quick one). And hey, this bucket list thing is giving me more reasons to blog! More content for me. I’ve been needing all the ideas to blog that I can get. Still going in and out of blogging ruts. Eh. We’re definitely having fun crossing off activities.

  4. I looove her little hiking outfit!!! And that bun :) I can’t wait until my daughter has enough hair for a little bun! Of course you’re so excited for the hiking trip and the terrible twos kick in… that’s exactly how they work haha I’m sure now that you’ve gone the first time this summer maybe she’ll be better the next time. Never have expectations for the best time, just always go with the flow. At least you had a nice time going back!

    • And I wish Mia had some curl to her hair like Lyla does! Haha. And terrible twos is exactly what we’re facing over here and it’s a bitch. And that’s exactly what I’m learning about expectations. Don’t have them, don’t make them. I need to be ready for anything. I tend to get excited often and build things up in my head and then get really disappointed when they’re not met. Go with the flow are great words to live by. Thanks for commenting, Tina…and for the advice :)

  5. It was a great hike… even though we didn’t finish and I was getting eaten alive.

  6. Props to you for making this bucket list! It looks like you are going to have an awesome summer. That one photo of Dom, Mia and one of your dogs walking away from the camera (black + white) is fantastic. That’s a framer! :)
    I think we’re still just coming out of survival mode with Lucy, so I don’t anticipate we’ll be able to be as adventurous as you guys! We are planning a camping trip though, which I hope will be fun.

    • Oh, Courteney…I plan on it! And a camping trip? We have yet to do that and so badly want to! It’s on the bucket list :) Baby steps, girl. Adventure looks different for everyone. You guys will have your moments, don’t you worry. That little fighter of yours will surprise you like you never expected she would. And I love getting to follow along on your journey as she does :) Thanks for commenting!

  7. I’m a new follower but I’m so glad I came across your blog. I have a toddler (boy) and we’ve tried some hiking in the past but we’ve always carried him on our backs. Now that he’s walking I’d love to take him and let him do a little walking on his own. Based on your experience it sounds like I should plan on him walking the whole thing for some time. Thanks for sharing! Also, your pictures are beautiful and I suspect they’ll only get better as you continue to use your new lens.

    • Okay so I just love hearing from a new follower. WELCOME, Brittany! Yes, our experience wasn’t the best one BUT I do have a feisty, stubborn and powerful little firecracker as a kid. So basically, you’re experience will probably be as smooth as ice! Nah, honestly I’m learning to mellow out my expectations because you just can’t predict how these dang kids are going to handle what we throw at them. Like, ever. Never a boring moment, right? Thanks so much for commenting!

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