“Summer Bucket List” check-off #4: The Aquarium of the Pacific

The next time you’re sitting at home on a Sunday morning and you and your significant other are debating whether or not you’d like to spend your day chilling and relaxing (aka chillaxing) at home or spend your day making memories in the world…go with the latter.

That was the husband and I this weekend. Part of us just wanted to be lazy and pretty much dominate the sofa in front of the TV all day and part of us wanted to get outside of the house (me more than him since I’m behind these walls every day of the week and could use different scenery) and do something as a family. Since neither of us were budging on declaring which of the two choices were more attractive (don’t you hate that? when both of you say “oh, either one is fine” or “I really don’t care which one we do”), Daddy Dom at least decided to head out for breakfast and we could think on it more while we ate.

I think it was the fresh air and the beautiful view (shown below, taken with iPhone) of the green golf course that we overlooked from our patio seating at the country club while we ate that made us feel adventurous enough for a quick day trip to Long Beach. Or maybe it was just Daddy Dom again, with another good idea. He suggested we hit up the Aquarium of the Pacific, a place we hadn’t been to in almost 2 years since Mia was only 4 months old. Check out my post about it HERE, baby leg rolls and all. Crazy how much my photography has improved, too. Anyways, I was more than willing to agree with this plan.


I’m glad we didn’t stay home that day. We wouldn’t have been able to check off our 4th activity from our summer bucket list had we not decided to be awesome and have some fun. The aquarium was a tad busy, but we weren’t in any hurry and Mia wasn’t phased at all by the crowd. She was too busy jumping from fish to sea jellies to “Nemo” and “Dori” to notice anyways.


Mia did not want to touch the jellies. The top of the water, fine, but not the jellies.







She wanted to see everything.

DSC_1404One very cool moment was when we caught the feeding of this giant sting ray by one of their divers (who didn’t mind that a shark was swarming above).

aquarium Collage 3



aquarium Collage 2

A girl’s gotta have her Jamba Juice. Or, at least she does when she spots another person drinking one and then it’s the only thing on her mind until she has one, too.


After we covered all there was to see, we headed outside to eat the full lunch I had packed for us on a grassy area by the docks. Where there are birds, Mia will be there.


A nice man, armed with balloons and a pump, approached Mia and I to gift her with one of his creations. He said he’s been coming to that area for 20+ years just to put smiles on children’s faces with his balloon animals and hats (working for donations as well). Mia loved her hat and doggy bracelet.

aquarium Collage 1





We all had a great family day at the aquarium and plan to go back more often, especially since we bought a season pass while we were there. One more visit pays for itself, actually, we’ll end up saving $20 with our next visit by purchasing the passes. What a deal.

Mia napped for about an hour in the car on the way home and then we finished our evening off with a dip in the pool. Yup, this was a good day.



Here is what our summer bucket list looks like now…

bucket list check off 4

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  1. Ahhh now I really want to take my daughter to the aquarium! It’s on our summer list too :) I love her little outfit so much. Happy you guys had such a good time!

    • Yup, had a great time. Thanks, Tina! I’m sure I’ll be reading all about your trip once you take it. Seriously love aquariums :)

  2. I had a favorite pic picked out.. yin and yang sea lions, but then I kept reading and Jamba Juice stole my heart. This kid <3 Also, Long beach Aquarium is a fantastic place. Good choice on family day <3

    • The sea lions is a good one, right? But you’re right, it definitely needs a girl in a yellow dress in it to make it perfect. I seriously love the aquarium and would visit with or without my kid. I love that we’re season pass holders now! Thanks for commenting, friend :)

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