Summer Preschool: Week FIVE Roundup

New reader? Catch up on our Summer Preschool series HERE. There will be a total of 7 weeks.

DAY 13

preschool day 13 Collage  (left: I say “smile”, she does that)

The hand-off:

Mia was still clingy with me a little, but it was easier to get her interested in the day ahead because there were little stations set up with water and water toys in them. Water is what the kids are learning about and experimenting with for this week’s theme and focus.

The pick-up:

I’m officially picking Mia up at the school’s normal pick-up time, without having to check in halfway through. I’m so relieved to have made it to this point. Mia had a great day without any crying.

DAY 14

preschool day 14 Collage(right: I say “smile”, she again does that)

The hand-off:

Best. morning. yet!  Mia didn’t fuss at all at home when I told her it was a school day. She took her morning picture for me with no problems. She walked on her own from my car to her school. We were about to walk into her classroom when she said, “No, Mama…come.” She remembered that I have to sign her in a few doors down. How cool is that! My kid is keeping me on the ball. Anyways, she walked out to her playground and was immediately greeted by another little girl (maybe age 3 or 4) with a kiss! It confused the heck out of Mia but it was crazy adorable. I was easily able to get Mia interested in some of their water tables, especially the kiddy pool that was full of marine animal toys. We had just went to the Aquarium on Sunday so she was excited to see the toy sharks, sting rays, sea jellies, sea stars and whales. After a few minutes, she had me lean down to give me a kiss on the cheek as if she were letting me know it was okay that I leave. So, I did. I said my “good-bye”, told her to have a great day and then I left. I didn’t even call her teacher over to take my place, Mia was just fine standing with the other kids. No tears, no concerned eyebrows, no sad faces, no problem at all! I couldn’t be more proud of her this morning. Go Mia!

The pick-up:

As good as any pick-up can be. Happy kid, happy day, happy Mom.

DAY 15

preschool day 15 Collage(shirt: I paid $2 for this at a consignment sale. It’s one of her favorites and Bob Marley is one of mine)

The hand-off:

Boy these mornings just keep getting easier. We had just arrived into the back yard of her school and minutes later Mia was telling me, “Mommy work?” She practically gave me the boot. Her teacher was there witness this, too. She was just as excited about Mia’s progress as I was.

The pick-up:

Another great day. She got a little too wet during playtime so she was in her back-up outfit when I arrived. Apparently she cried some when her shirt got wet but calmed down after she realized she had more clothes to change into. I think it was because her Bob Marley shirt is one of her favorites.

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  1. I have fallen in love with her cuteness….. she is a fashionista with all these posings and hair dos

  2. I love all her different hair-dos!

    • Thanks, Kerry :) I seriously suck at doing my own hair. I’m clueless, really. It’s been fun coming up with different ways to style Mia’s. I’m actually running out of ideas. Better hit up Pinterest :)

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