Summer Preschool: Week Four Roundup

New here? Catch up on our Summer Preschool series HERE. There will be a total of 7 weeks.

Day 10

The hand-off:

After a long holiday weekend, Mia wasn’t thrilled about heading back to school. It was a typical morning for us, she fussed a little and cried at school for me not to leave her.

The pick-up:

I was told that Mia cried for a bit in the morning after I left but after she got it all out, she was great! I actually was able to pick her up at noon, but I had checked in at 11am and again at 11:30am.

preschool day 10 Collage

(Shoes: Toms purchased on sale through Zulily)

Day 11

The hand-off:

Mia was better than yesterday in the morning while getting ready to go to school, but was still uneasy about it all. She cried again when I dropped her off.

The pick-up:

I only had to check in at 11am and was told that she was doing great and that I could pick her up at noon. I love hearing that. She had another great day after her morning tears. This week, the kids are learning about fossils and she made me one (but she broke it in half before it got to me). I love getting crafty things that she makes during the day. So cute!

preschool day 11 Collage

Day 12

The hand-off:

Success! Mia willingly took her morning photo before leaving the house, we drove over to her school without any fussing, she walked on her own from the car and into her school’s playground and she DID…NOT…CRY when I said my “good-bye.” I can’t tell you how great that felt, to walk away from a happy kid…my happy kid. It’s about time, girl. It only took 4 weeks to come to this moment but it was all worth it!

The pick-up:

Again, success! I was told that Mia didn’t cry at all while I was gone. She had a great day, played with the other kids and even had another little girl try to give her a kiss to which she replied, “No.” This day was a great one.

preschool day 12 Collage(shirt: Zulily sale // shoes: Converse)

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  1. mia’s a really sweet little girl!!!

  2. It’s amazing how she keeps getting better & better! Great job, Mia (and mama!). On a random note, how do you get her to sit still for a French braid!?!?!?

    • Thanks, it IS amazing (and soooooo relieving). I’m seriously grateful for this team of experienced teachers (who are also Mamas, which I think helps A LOT) for their patience and love for my Mia. And, she’s actually REALLY GOOD for me whenever I do her hair. I think maybe it’s because I always comment on how she looks like a princess after I’m done? I also always give her something to hold, like the hair rubber bands I’m about to use or a book or other toy. I’m also sure to make her hairdo real quick so I don’t lose her patience. This was my first attempt at a full french braid (I’ve done 2 pigtail style french braids…which were easier). Thanks for commenting!

  3. Ohhh the fossil sounds cool although it’s sad it broke. One of the things I’m excited about for when Lyla starts school is her bringing me hand made things home :) Happy there was no crying the last time and things are getting easier!

    • I know, right? My kid is Miss Destruct-o! Leave it to her to rough up any and everything. And I completely agree with you. I’ve just been dying to receive little handmade crafts but they’re few and far between…I know first hand how challenging it is to get a group of small children to follow directions in a classroom setting. I taught 4 year olds, I can’t imagine trying to direct 2 year olds! Thanks for commenting :)

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