Summer Preschool: Week One Roundup

Mia’s first week of summer preschool has come to an end. I’ve decided to take a photo of her each day before school, which is only three days a week.

So basically, Mia’s NEVER been in the care of anyone else besides her dad, grandma or me. This is a very big change in her little life, especially since she’s pretty attached to Mommy.

I went into greater detail on how her first day of preschool went and just how much I’m looking forward to having kid-free time to get things done in a previous post HERE. I won’t repeat Day One details again, aside from reposting these few pics. They’re just too cute not to, right?

preschool day1 CollageOn to Day 2.

Leading up to her second day at preschool, I mellowed out on mentioning school. I wanted Mia to forget about it a little so that maybe she would miss it and be excited to hear that she would be going back again after a day had gone by. I think it worked. The evening before school, I reminded her that she would be returning the next morning and she seemed pretty pleased by that. She stayed positive about it the morning of, the drive over and during the hand-off. She was just fine. I stuck around her while she played for about 5 minutes which gave me enough time to introduce her to two other little girls, before I said my “good-bye”. It was a success and I left her without any fuss or tears.

I again, got a lot of housework done over the next few hours at home without her. The time flies by and I’m wishing I had a little bit more of it when my phone’s alarm goes off, telling me to get ready to pick her up.

I arrived a few minutes early to see a large group of parents waiting outside the classroom until it was time to open the door. There are windows separating the kids from the adults, so I was able to peek in to see my big girl sitting at a station with a few other children, waiting to be reunited with their parents. She spotted me and jumped out of her seat while pointing in my direction saying “Mommy here!” A teacher kindly led her back to her seat and told her she had to wait for me to come in to get her. She followed directions well. I was just glad to see that she wasn’t crying and in the arms of an adult.

After speaking with the teachers, I did learn that she wasn’t all that better from her first day. She was good, overall, but she did cry off and on during the last hour of her stay. She still required a lot of distracting by the adults to get her mind off of Mommy and more attention to help console her and to keep her from crying. I admit I was a little bummed to hear that, but it’s completely understandable. I have to be patient with this process and stay hopeful that she’ll work through her fears and separation anxiety of being away from me.

After all of that, she cried and fussed when I began to put her in her car seat to go home. “Mia school!” she cried. She didn’t want to leave. That’s a good sign. It’s confusing, but good.

preschool day2 Collage2(outfit c/o: Matilda Jane)

Day 3

Mia has continued to speak fondly of her new school, but was a bit more clingy during our morning while getting ready for school, during our walk from the car to her classroom and a bit outside during the hand-off while she played. She wanted me to hold her (which I didn’t), she wanted me to join her on the play structure (which I didn’t) and to follow her around the yard (which I did a little, but kept my distance). I had been mentioning the two girl friends she had made from Day 2 and she seemed to remember them and was happy to see them. I stuck around a little longer than 5 minutes this time before I was sure she seemed comfortable and happy to be there. I said my “good-bye” (which is always the same speech, btw) and I left her. This time, she tried to follow after me within seconds after I had walked away. I can see her from inside and outside of the classroom and I tend to spy on her for a minute or 2 longer after “leaving”. I felt bad to hear her ask for me, but the teachers held her and led her to a different activity to distract her.

Thirty minutes before I was to pick her back up, my phone rang. I knew that when I saw that it was her preschool, it wasn’t going to be good. I was informed that she was crying, inconsolably, and they felt it best that I go get her. I was there within five minutes. As I pulled up to the school, I could see the head teacher holding Mia outside of the classroom as she pretty much screamed and wailed. As soon as I grabbed her, she calmed down. The teacher and director assured me that Mia was doing fine for the most part and that it wasn’t until the last hour that she would begin to fall apart. They both were so encouraging and made it clear to me that they wanted to support Mia in whatever she needed to help her overcome her uneasiness. They also feel that a possible solution to easing Mia into their program would be for me to pick her up from school an hour earlier than expected. We will try this next week. I think this idea makes perfect sense. With each successful pick-up, we can add on an extra 10 to 15 minutes to the next school day to see how Mia handles it. We don’t think that she gets upset because she’s tired (her nap time isn’t for another hour or so after normal pick up time), we think that maybe right now she can only handle being away from me for about 2 hours. That’s when she’s over it.

After this interaction between her teachers and me concluded, I proceeded to walk her to the car to go home. Again, she fussed and cried over having to leave. She said, “No home. Mia’s school!” Make up your mind, kid! On the way home, I asked her why she was crying. She said, “No crying. Mia no crying, Mommy.”

Despite her rough day at school, Mia still loves to talk about school and loves to point it out when we drive by it. She also gets really disappointed after asking if she can go when I tell her they’re closed and she has to wait a few more days. There’s still hope for next week’s success.

preschool day3 Collage 2(outfit: gifted // shoes: Toms)


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  1. Thanks Gillian! Funny you say that, I just saw my mom today and she asked me why I’m sending her to school looking “homely”. Can’t win, right?

  2. Such cute outfits!!

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