Summer Preschool: Week SIX Roundup

New reader? Catch up on our Summer Preschool series HERE. There will be a total of 7 weeks.

DAY 16

preschool day 16 Collage

The hand-off:

Not a single complaint, frown or fuss from this kid about school this morning. Daddy Dom even went with us to see how it all shakes out. Mia was excited to introduce him to her teacher and friends. She pointed at him and said “Daddy-O!” He left with a smile on his face and his heart melted on the floor. She was completely engaged with a bucket of bubbles and her friends when we walked away from her. Amazing how much she’s grown in just a few weeks.

The pick-up:

I arrived to Mia in a different shirt again. This kid plays hard, I tell ya. The theme this week focuses on eggs. She made a giant egg out of construction paper and glue-sticked other pictures of animals that lay eggs besides chickens onto the egg. She also created an abstract painting. Both crafts are hanging on our fridge right now. Mia had another great day.

Day 17

preschool day 17 Collage

The hand-off:

Another great morning. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The pick-up:

I love seeing her face light up when she firsts see me enter her classroom. I tell ya, that moment is priceless. She had a great day and brought home some art, a print-out of a fish that she “painted” over. And I could tell that she played hard today from the sight of dirt and sand in the creases on the inside of her elbows. Thata girl.

Day 18

preschool day 18 Collage

The hand-off:

Another beautiful release at school. I was so relieved to drop her off, too. I was under the weather this morning, so I rested at home on the sofa for every minute of my almost 3 kid-free hours.

The pick-up:

Mia wasn’t even scoping out the classroom door, awaiting my arrival. I walked in and had about a minute or two to stand behind her at her little desk before she even bothered looking for me. She was too busy “chatting” with her little buddies. She’s just the cutest, I tell ya. Another great day at school and sadly, only one week left of summer preschool.

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  1. Yay for a week of smooth sailing!

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