Summer Preschool: Week Three Roundup

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summer preschool Collage7(Apple print dress: H&M, circa last year // Shoes: Converse)

Day 7

The hand-off:

Not any easier than any other day. She won’t let me engage her in any sort of play outside because she knows that’s my move before saying “good-bye.” She was clingy, tried climbing up me like a tree and cried for me when I finally handed her off to her teacher (who is just amazing, by the way).


I still come by an hour earlier than the program ends. Mia had a much better day than they all had expected, but there were still some tears and unhappy moments. She was excited to see me (who doesn’t love that?). I hung out for a few minutes while she finished up a craft project of using a shower loofah dipped in glitter glue and dabbing it onto a black piece of construction paper. Glitter was sprinkled on it at the end (which, btw…I’m still finding all over my house. You know what they say about glitter? It’s the herpes of the art world. Once you come into contact with it, it’s with you for life. Just sayin’). You’re thinking, what was she making? Fireworks! This week her class did all things related to the 4th of July.

 preschool day 8 CollageMia was NOT happy to go to school this morning. Not. at. all.

Day 8

The hand-off:

Again, same scene as Day 7. I hung around a bit longer to chat with the head teacher about her rough morning. She woke up 2 hours earlier than usual (hello 6am!), screamed and cried for me to hold her during my whole shower and was put into time-out a few times. Like I said…ROUGH. After our little pep talk, I walked away again with Mia crying and very upset.


I got a phone call from the school about 15 minutes before I was to pick Mia up. I thought for sure that she was crying and I had to get her ASAP. To my surprise, they requested that I show up 15 minutes after my usual pick-up time because Mia was doing so well! Wha-wha-whaaaaaat?? Um, DEFINITELY!

When I did arrive, she was still doing so well that I was asked to hang out and wait even longer. They were also about to hand out popsicles outside to the kids so we definitely wanted Mia to stick around for that. After about 15-20 minutes, I was led to the yard where the kids were enjoying their icy treats. I was able to hide, still, behind another teacher to observe Mia. She looked so cute, just fitting in with the rest of the group. She finally saw me after a minute or two and was so surprised and excited! She started rambling on to me about her day and everything that was going on. I didn’t understand a one word she said, but she was so animated in telling it. Then, as the other kids were directed to head back inside to wash their hands, Mia basically said “peace out, Mom” and followed suit. She walked away from me! Now THAT is a sign of progress. I hung out in her classroom until the other parents picked up their kids and Mia got to successfully live out an entire day (3 hours) at preschool.

After talking further with her teachers, they all said this was her best day yet (of course, after calming down from her morning episode). I wasn’t expecting that at all after dealing with her behavior in the morning at home. She was able to follow directions in class, she was clearly more comfortable and accepting of their daily routine, she’d giggle and smile while playing with a toy cash register, she even sat next to another little girl (her size) and had a full blown toddler conversation with her. They spoke back and forth about who knows what (the teachers couldn’t translate), but she was socializing. I was beyond proud of her on this day. What a sweet success.

preschool week 3 CollageDAY 9

No school, in honor and in celebration of the 4th of July!

Our day was mellow. We swam in our pool with my brother and his gf, grilled some hot dogs and ate some watermelon. Later we headed over to my parents’ house for dinner and watched the fireworks in the backyard. The local high school has a festival and a firework show each year and we’re only a few blocks away which means we don’t have to leave the house to see them.

I’ll actually be posting more about our 4th, because even though it was pretty chill throughout the day, we had an interesting surprise at the end! I hope you all had a fun and safe holiday and weekend!

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  1. Oh man, that is so crazy how she doesn’t want to go. I always heard about kids crying and not wanting to leave their parents my whole life but now that I have a 3 year old, I’m pretty sure she would LOVE for me to leave her alone at school haha. But like I’ve said before, definitely not when she was 2 and under. I tried joining a gym once and having her stay in the daycare there which looked SO FUN and she screamed when I tried to leave her so that surely didn’t work…. not important enough to keep trying like you are. You’re doing a great job and you’re so brave having to watch her be upset but you know it’s for the best and it’s what she needs and that’s what a good mom does!

    • The thing is, Tina…she DOES want to go. She talks about school all the time and when I pick her up from school she’s usually bummed that she has to leave. It’s ME that she doesn’t want to leave. Lately, her teachers have been telling me that her crying lasts less than 5 minutes after I leave her. I can handle that, no problem. Thanks for the comment. It wasn’t easy to leave her the first few times but it has been getting so much easier with each day and week. Just have to be consistent and positive.

  2. So glad things are going a little better for her! I can’t remember, is this all summer long?
    PS: I love crying pictures…it sounds so mean, but little ones faces all scrunched up crying are so cute.

    • Courteney, it’s for 7 weeks and we’re in the middle of week 4 now. I’m so relieved that things are getting better. Even today, teacher said it’s her best day yet (which she tells me each time I pick her up). So thankful. And I agree, crying pictures are awesome. I’ve got a few pretty great ones of Mia. So much raw emotion. Thanks for the comment :)

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