Summer Preschool: Week Two Roundup

preschool day 4 Collage

Day 4

On our way to school, Mia wasn’t as excited to go as she was last week. I think she even said “No way, Mommy!” when I asked her if she was looking forward to going. That was enough to foreshadow just how her morning would unfold.

She was clingy, wanted me to hold her and stay close. I got her playing in the sand with the shovels and pails and with another little girl. I forewarned the teachers that she wasn’t all that thrilled to be there. I tried to find a good opportunity where she was deeply involved in an activity to say my “good-bye” but one didn’t really present itself. I just went for it. I told her I was leaving and to have a good day and gave her a big squeeze. She didn’t want to let go and started fussing and crying saying, “No, Mommy! No! Hold me!” The head teacher quickly stepped in and picked her up and began comforting her so that I could make my escape. As I walked away, the cries and screams grew louder. Ugh :(

I hung out near the entrance (unseen by her) to see if I would hear her calm down. Nope. I could still catch glimpses of her being held by her teacher and could still hear her crying out for me. By this time, I wasn’t necessarily feeling bad that I was leaving for Mia’s sake. I was more feeling bad about leaving, for the teacher’s sake.  I know, they’ve all told me that there’s nothing for me to be sorry about and that they’re fine, they’ve done this for years and they do this all the time. I get that. I’ve been there, done that too at my job. BUT…I also know how much easier the day is without a needy and crying kid. I know what it’s like on the other side of this process. It sucks. It’s more draining and it takes away some attention from the other kids. On this particular morning, it was the sweet teachers who I felt like I was abandoning by leaving! Sorry ladies.

So as you know from last week, I was to pick Mia up an hour early on this day. I was expecting to get an earlier phone call from them to pick her up even sooner because of how upset she was when I had left her. Nope, nothing. I arrived on time to be greeted by her head teacher who ran out of the classroom to guide me over to the classroom’s window. She wanted me to peek in on Mia, who was happily watering some plants with spray bottle. This kid LOVES water and will play with any form of it all day if I let her. Within a few minutes, she turned towards us and spotted me through the window. She was so excited to see me that she actually started shouting and crying. She immediately calmed down once she was in my arms.

I entered her room and let her lead me over to the plants she was watering and that’s where I had a surprising chat with her teacher. Mia did GREAT! All of the teachers had agreed that this was her best day yet. I couldn’t believe it. I was sure she was going to be a mess for her whole 2 hour stay. They said that after calming down outside, she played well near some other kids in the sand, picking out tiny rocks from it and putting them in a bowl. She also loved using that spray bottle to water the plants. I was so relieved to hear this. I was asked to stay for just a bit longer to let Mia show me around and to interact with her in her classroom. Mia loved showing me the toys she likes to play with. And I have to say, I really love the open-door policy that this preschool has. The staff have been great at encouraging Mia and me and have been really trying to work with us to make school a success. Everyone’s so easy-going, cheerful and relaxed. All of the other kids really seem happy and just content to be there. I was so proud of Mia this day.

preschool day 5 Collage

(shirt: $2 find at a consignment sale / wearing: Dora purse that she took to school, it’s contents were a picture of Roxi and her Uncle Chris)

Day 5

The morning was the same as the other. She wasn’t too happy to hear that she was going to school (even though she still excitedly talks about it). The hand-off at school was tough. I again, left her crying in the arms of her teacher. I tried getting her involved in a tub of bubbles (which she loves), playing along side a few other kids. She’s totally caught on to the drill. She keeps me in sight and when I take a few steps away from her, she’s right back at my side. She knows I’ll be leaving shortly. It’s getting easier to leave her crying, but I still feel a little sad about it.

At pick up (still an hour earlier than the program ends), I was able to spy on her through the classroom window to see her playing with her teacher and alongside a few other kids. She was just fine. After entering the room, her teacher told me how great she was this day (after her crying session in the AM). She told me that for the first time, she actually saw pure joy in Mia’s face, she saw genuine smiles and saw some of Mia’s true personality come out. Teacher also tells me how smart she is, which is always great to hear. She’s improving, and I’m so proud. Of course, Mia didn’t want to go home so I stuck around for about 10 minutes and played with her at the stickers station until I could convince her to go home to see the dogs.

Day 6

Mia stayed home from school today :(

Yesterday, she was very lethargic on our little outing to Kidspace and knocked out in the car on the way home. She wasn’t herself. After waking up from her nap, she was burning up. Like, really hot. I couldn’t find her thermometer so I don’t know how high her fever rose to, but just from touching her I knew it was up there. She was even more lethargic then. She just wanted to snuggle with me on the couch. After giving her some Tylenol, she cooled down and acted a little more like her usual, silly self. I made a Target run last night to get a new thermometer and used it this morning to find she had a completely normal temp. But, just to be on the safe side (for her sake and for the class’) we decided to keep her home. Even though she’s acting like herself again, I’m sure she could use some more recovery time.

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