Summer Solstice Swim

Okay, so maybe this took place the day after but who’s really keeping track?

Summer has finally made its official appearance and we couldn’t be more excited about that. Bring on the heat, afternoon swims, evening swims, bbq’s, park visits, picnics, bug spray (at least in our backyard), sunblock, pool floats, golden tans, water parks and spontaneous entertaining.

Speaking of spontaneous entertaining, that’s exactly how we celebrated the welcoming of summer. What started off as a planned visit from Uncle Chris and Aunt Kristen, ended in a total of 16 adults and 9 kids. Funny how that works. It often seems that the party you plan for and send out an invite for weeks to months in advance, results in a less than impressive head-count. The last minute, hey-if you’re-not-busy-tomorrow-swing-by-the-house-the-pool-is-open invites however…see ya then!

Mia got a lot of pool time over the weekend and was handed off between a handful of guests. She’s clearly interested in swimming and makes a valiant effort in following swim directions like “kick your feet” and “paddle” or “dig” your arms. Her coordination is coming together just fine, but if only we could get her to stop swallowing the pool water! It’s a battle, really. We’re actually interested in introducing her to official swim classes, whether that means we find an instructor to come to our house or we take her elsewhere. If you have any pointers, advice or personal experiences you’d like to share on the matter, please comment below! We’re new to this.

So let’s kick summer off with a hurrah and make sure you end it with a bang! I’ll be seeing you out there.











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  1. Aw look at her swimming and those cute water shoes! Summer is seriously the best :)

  2. Impromptu parties are the best! And I’m totally jealous of that pool. I’d love to have one…although really up here in the PNW we could only use it for 3 months of the year which probably wouldn’t be worth the work. Lucy already loves pools though and I can’t wait till she’s older and can go in by herself. Looks like you’re already taking full advantage of your new free time!

    • This pool is my first, ever. I’ve always wanted one growing up. I tell ya, once you have one it makes it so hard to imagine life without one. We all just love it. I imagine it’s the reason as to why we’ve been seeing a lot more of our friends around here lately :) I’m loving my free time so far! We’re having so much fun and it’s only the first few days of summer. Thanks for the comment.

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