Sunshine Birthday Invitations {Handmade}

Mia’s 1st birthday is in 3 weeks! Turn the stress dial up one more notch.

I’ve already ordered all (I hope it’s all we need) of the decorations and balloons. I’ve never decorated our home and yard for a party…especially for a party with such a big amount of people. I’m not really sure how to organize it all and how many tables and balloons and decorations I’m going to need so I’ll be wingin’ it. I’m still taking advantage of all nap times to make many of the decorations myself. I feel like I still have so much more to do.

One thing I have made for her party already are the invitations. I made about 50 of them, all from scratch. I know, I’m nuts. I mailed them out a few days ago which means it’s time for their big reveal.


This fan of invites is only a handful of the stack I had to make. I’m so glad they’re done and over with and I’m thrilled with how they turned out. Yes, they took quite a while and much patience to make.


I really like the handmade look to them. The colors, of course, go with the party’s theme. The theme is “You Are My Sunshine” since that’s the song I sang to Mia (mostly when putting her down for a nap and for the night) every single day since birth and still do. So, I love the color combo of grey and yellow (with touches of blue, shown on the envelopes AND on the back of the invites with dots) and I’m loving the Ombre look attained through the many shades of grey. I also was inspired by the ever so trendy chevron print for my cloud print.miainvites4

Included in each envelope is this little note.


More details on how I made the invitations…


1. Set of watercolor paints used to paint the sun and the clouds. I mixed black and white together to get the shade of grey I liked. I then began with the top “cloud” and continued down the invitation, letting the paint fade and run out a bit with each one, creating an Ombre effect.

2. Orange colored pencil used to color in the word “one” and to outline the sun and draw dashes to outline the sun’s rays.

3. Fine tip Sharpie used to write “Our little sunshine is turning ONE” in black. This pen’s ink does NOT run or bleed when painted over with watercolor paint.

4. Black pen used to word the body of the invitation.

5. Pencil used to create the blue dots on the back of the invitations and on the front of the envelopes, using the eraser as a stamp.

6. Ink pad used to create circle stamps on envelopes and back of invitations.

7. 4″x6″ sized photo envelope. I searched Target and a Hallmark store for only blank envelopes to hold my invitations. Neither carry just envelopes. I found these at Office Depot but this size only came in white. I had to spruce them up a bit with the blue dot stamps.

8. The lovely invitations, created on 4″x6″ watercolor paper that I had cut down from sheets of 9″x12″ paper.

If ya’ll have any further questions on how I made these, feel free to ask. I hope I’ve sparked some creativity out there.

I ‘d also love to hear any feedback you’ve got on how I did. I could also use any advice on how to pull off a successful birthday party. What have you learned from your own experiences, good and bad. Anything I should be certain to do? Or to avoid? Fill me in :)

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  1. thank you for the very valuable tips. my daughters birthday is coming up and you have given me some great ideas.=)

  2. Thanks, Kerry. Yeah if anyone knows how to hostess, it\’s you. I\’m just hoping I get everything done and set up in time to enjoy the day myself.

  3. Sweet, thanks! and gooooood to know about the envelopes. I was surprised Hallmark didn\’t have any AND I stopped in Paper Rabbit the other day and they\’re tiny now…with hardly a selection of paper supplies. I\’ll have to remember Paper Source, never been. Thanks!

  4. They look great! I’m sure you’ll do fine! I’ve thrown so many parties, they are with out a doubt SO much work but worth it when everyone enjoys themselves. Happy almost Birthday to Mia! :)

  5. Love these! I had to put ours up on the refrigerator because it’s so cute! …FYI, next time you’re on the hunt for colored paper or envelopes go to Paper Source! There’s one in Oldtown Pasadena. The have just about every color you can imagine!

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