Sweet Simplicities {from this past week}

Welcome to the newest “series” I’m starting on my blog. The concept is nothing new. Most of you have seen other bloggers publish a weekly post of images from their week called, “Recently enjoyed things” or “the past week” or something along those lines.

My series follows that idea but I’m calling it “Sweet Simplicities {from this past week}”. That’s exactly what they are. They’re the sweetest and simplest moments that I’ve enjoyed and have been blessed enough to witness, experience and cherish. They’re the moments that get me out of bed each morning, that help me breathe when times get tough (financial, marriage, organization, stress, etc.), that remind me of my new purpose in life, that make everything my life has to offer me in this moment right now…completely worth while and worth living.

I believe it’s important to acknowledge, honor and celebrate these kinds of moments in an effort to remind ourselves of what’s really important, encouraging our day-to-day actions towards achieving more, so we never let our priorities, passions and our truest treasures become neglected or slip away. The more positivity we put into the atmosphere, the better for all. How I think and what I choose to focus on directly affects me and my family and ultimately will steer us into the best path for us (should I continue to focus on the best things life has to offer).

These are my sweet simplicities from this past week…

(*side note: the reason some of my photos are watermarked with my photography business name (Misty Jeanine Photography) is because those photos have been edited to reflect my official photography work and style. The rest with the watermark “MomistaBeginnings” have either minimal editing or none at all…good enough for this blog).

ss Collage2A taste of my Instagram feed.

The rest of the photos were taken in San Diego over the weekend.

ss1wMia couldn’t resist exploring with “P” during my mini photo session with “P” and her parents.

ss2wSpreading her wings before take-off.

   ss3wThese 2 (and Bunny) sat aside and watched as I photographed our friend’s family.

ss4wDay 2 in San Diego, walking to the loveliest of parks (forgot the name) with Daddy. Mia is wearing the upcycled leggings I made for her from an old skirt of mine.

ss Collage1I wish there was a place like this down the street from us (like this one is from the friends we stayed with in SD).

ss5wI think Daddy Dom is trying to catch a fly?

ss6wYou know she’s learning something.

ss7wNext time we visit, we’re bringing bread.


In continuing my efforts to get in front of the camera more, I handed it over to Daddy Dom.


I love this girl like ducks love water (and bread).

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  1. These are just beautiful. I’m going to have to start doing this with Lucy! And I just loved seeing the duck pond pictures. Reminded me of my childhood! Thank you for sharing! I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog tomorrow for one of Ryan’s necklaces, and I’d love for you to stop by! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

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