{sweet} sixteen months old

My Mia turned 16 months old yesterday. In the blink of an eye, that title will just read “sweet sixteen.”

I wish I could bottle up my sweet 16 month old child, for the sake of never forgetting her at 16 months old.

16mo Collage1

I hope to always remember how sweet her hair smells, how silky her skin feels, how squishy her baby chubs are (what’s left of them), how heavenly her giggles sound and how quick a smile from her sends my heart deep into my gut.


I wish to never forget the vision of her grinning ear to ear as she runs towards me, arms wide open, for a hug from Mommy. The day this ends will be a sad one. Let’s just say that it never will.


I hope to always remember how it feels to hold her in my arms as she rests her head on my shoulder while saying “mmmmmm”, rubbing my back as I rub hers (she copies everything Mommy does).


I wish to never forget the delightful sounds of laughter that fill our home as she chases the dogs around, trying to sit on them, hug them and give them kisses. They’re her best buds. I doubt that she is theirs.


I hope to always remember the sight of her dancing to music, slightly bending her body up and down through her knees like mini squats, or swaying her arms side to side while she alternates her feet, moving side to side like a see-saw.


I long for her to drag out this cuddly, affectionate and loving phase she’s entered for years to come (or as long as possible). She’s become quite the little “hug bandit”, sneaking up behind me while I’m doing dishes, watering the grass or cooking to wrap her little arms around my legs and squeeze me while saying “mmmmmmm” (our hugging sound). She grabs onto my arm while I’m changing her diaper, pulls it to her cheek and smiles while squeezing it (while making the hugging sound) and she usually steals hugs from me when I take her out of her highchair after meals and when I take her out of her crib after naps and when waking up in the morning. BEST PHASE EVER!!!


I wish to never forget the proud feelings of excitement that Daddy Dom and I get when she figures things out and when we’ve taught her something new.

16mo Collage2

Lately, she’s learned to crow like a rooster (our rooster), make horse noises, say “hi” (to almost everyone and everything), say “bye” while waving (not yet to people, but mostly to doo doo and pee pee when it gets flushed down the toilet), climb up on chairs and on our sofas, use a fork to eat, use a crayon/pencil to scribble, and blow kisses (taught her that just yesterday).

16mo Collage3

Other things that Mia has been doing for some time now (but I haven’t updated ya’ll on in a while) are: says “mom” and “dadoo”, claps her hands, gives kisses on command (10 out of 10 times), hugs us and the dogs, willingly lays down in her crib at nap time and bedtime without a fuss (we’ve finally caught our break!), is completely off of pureed baby food jars, drinks milk from a sippy cup, makes the following animal sounds-dog (all the time, she thinks she is one), cat, chicken, rooster and horse, points to the area of pain when she hurts herself, points to the moon and says “moo”, points to birds and says “buh”, looks up at the sky at every passing plane (next time you’re on a plane, just know there are hundreds/thousands of babies and small children who have stopped what they’re doing to look up at you), LOVES books and brings Mommy and Daddy her favorite ones to read to her multiple times a day ( prefers Daddy to read to her), steps down on stairs without assistance, also says “baby”, “up” and “ball”, tries to sneak bites of cat treats and dog food, closes any door that is open, and shrieks at the cats (but hasn’t caught on that this is the reason they run from her).


I think Mia is a little bit delayed with her speech. She figured out long ago that she doesn’t have to speak or use words to get what she wants and instead, she takes our hand, leads us to what she wants/needs and puts our hand on the item to opened, the book to be read or the toy she wants to play with. Smart…but lazy!

Things I wouldn’t mind forgetting: the smell and changing of poopy diapers and waking up in the middle of the night to reinsert her pacifier. I know, the pacifier has to go. I’m enjoying the peace I’ve just gained by getting her to take naps and go to bed without a fuss. I’ll take a few more interrupted nights of sleep over the challenge of weaning her off of the paci…for just a liiiiiittle bit longer. Call me selfish.

16 months is definitely my favorite age, thus far. I think I’ve said that with each passing month. I guess that means this parenting thing just keeps getting better and better.

*parents of teenagers, keep any comments you may have in response to my last statement TO YOURSELVES*

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  1. happy sixteen to her!!! oh that vintage dress is really lovely and she looks so cute…

  2. She’s so sweet! I love on demand kisses… except when getting a stern “no” as the response ;)

  3. She is an absolute doll. And that blue dress!!! Oh my… just the sweetest. Happy Sweet 16 Months to your precious girl. xo

  4. Thanks, Kerry :)

  5. Adorable pictures!!!

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