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I found this post idea from The Day Book (one of my fav blogs) who found it from Pip’s blog.

 Making : excuses for why I haven’t begun an exercise routine to lose the extra weight I’ve put on since having Mia and to get back into shape.
Cooking : less and less these nights, since I’ve started working in the evenings. More take-out than usual. Gotta take the bad with the good.
Drinking : hardly ANY water anymore. I used to have the best water intake out of anyone I know. Also, my wine intake has increased. Maybe I turned water into it.
Reading: lots of blog posts (possibly yours). Catching up via my Bloglovin’ feed.
Wanting: a new tattoo! I’ve been cooking up an idea in my head as to what I want it to be. It involves a rose (which is Mia’s middle name), a compass and possibly a phrase. My problem is where do I put it? It’s quite the dilemma since my current job does not allow visible tattoos…and maybe I want this one to be somewhat visible.
Looking: forward to my very first newborn photo session coming up in a few weeks. And I may even have my first boudoir style session next month. I love my job! (Misty Jeanine Photography)
Playing: this “Hashtag” video featuring Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake earlier today for the husband. #LOL #hashtag #funnybecauseitstrue
Wasting: a little bit of time, sitting on the couch and writing this here post while Mia naps. At least my morning was productive.
Sewing: is currently at a standstill. I’ve got piles of fabric just waiting for me to turn them into an A-frame play tent cover…and sell them on Etsy.
Wishing: for our next baby to be a BOY. No, I’m not pregnant. But, we’re talking about trying again before the year is over. Of course, the baby’s health is the #1 priority, but I’m crossing my fingers and toes for a little “rocket ship”…which is what my OB/GYN referred to it (more like lack of one) when we found out we were having a girl.
Enjoying: the sound of our collection of wind chimes in our back patio. It’s a windy day here in southern California.
Waiting: for cooler weather. I can’t wait for hikes, walks, playing at the park more and boots. And a lower utilities bill!
Liking: my husband. Yes, I love him. But loving someone doesn’t mean you like them. Daddy Dom and I have had a rough year with lots of fighting, arguing and frustration. We’ve been getting along very well for the past month or two. Finally.
Wondering: if my photography business will take off… enough to allow me to stay at home full time with my daughter and future kid/s.
Loving: my daughter more than I ever thought I could or would. It grows by the minute, a phenomenon that can’t be explained, only felt.
I raise Mia into a healthy, well-rounded, HAPPY little girl -> teenager -> adult. This is the most important thing I’ll ever do.
Marvelling: over how for the first time in months, maybe all year…we won’t be late on any of our bill payments next month (October). Our finances have been scary tight for us and we’ve finally made moves to dig us out of our hole.
Needing: a new vacuum. The Dyson. Anybody have a personal review or experience to share on it?
Smelling: cat pee. I know, gross. It’s not by choice. One of our cats peed on my new (Urban Outfitters) rug 3 times within the first 3 days of laying it down in our living room. Yesterday I came home to a giant puddle of dog pee on it! What the??? Where was this thing made and by who?! The rug is no longer in the house but the smell still lingers in the air. We hate it.
Wearing: nothing special. Pretty much whatever fits me. I have an entire closet full of clothes sized SMALL. None of it fits since I’m now a large. This is very frustrating but I haven’t lost hope that they will all fit me again one day. One glorious day.
Following: my kid’s every move. Not only is she having so many “firsts” that I don’t want to miss out on but she’s wandering into every room and corner of our house. I have to keep a close eye on this mischief maker. She’s also figured out how to open our back sliding screen door to let herself outside. We have a swimming pool. Need I say more?
Noticing: how fast time goes by when you become a parent. Mia turned 17 months old yesterday. It’s almost been half a year since her first birthday which sounds bananas to me. I have to start planning birthday number 2!
Knowing: that I may never have a more amazing surprise than waiting until birth to find out what the sex of our next baby will be. No, again, not pregnant. I’m just in baby mode, I guess. And yes, I’ll be choosing to NOT find out the sex of the baby when we do decide to get pregnant.
Thinking: about how to design/make my family’s Halloween costume this year. Dominic and I (let’s be honest here, mostly me) have been making our costumes for the past 4 years. This year, I’m really going to outdo myself. I’ve got to get started ASAP. Can’t wait to share it with you guys!
Feeling: hopeful. Things have been looking up for us lately in more than one area of our lives. I’m looking forward to how these things are going to unfold and I’m hopeful that they will take us to a more comfortable, stress free and fruitful place in our lives.
Bookmarking: Thursday’s events into the mental reel of “firsts”. Mia had her 1st public meltdown at the LA Kids Consignment sale (if you don’t know what that is, look it up. Oh, the deals!). She was tired and hungry and it was time to leave. At checkout, Grandma tried holding her while she screamed at the top of her lungs (sound travels well in a warehouse), she was then passed off to me as she screamed at the top of her lungs. Bunny and crackers didn’t help. Putting her down only led to her plopping herself on the ground, still screaming. Before I could bend back down to pick her up, she was laying flat on the floor, belly and face side down and arms stretched out…screaming. I dove into my purse in search of her pacifier, I grabbed it and into her mouth it went. Silence, until…the parking lot.
Opening: a package from one of those damn “Flash Sales” on Instagram. A pair of adorable leggings from SweetKiddoCo. Opportunities to spend my hard earned money are around every corner I turn, now!
Giggling: over an episode of Friends, playing in the background. That show may be my all time favorite. I’ve seen every episode.


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