Temporarily Vegans {Cleanse Intro}

The husband and I are on a 30 day cleanse!

What an unlikely thing for me to say. But, it’s true. You see, we have been eating like crap lately. What you put into your body should be of utmost importance to you, and for us, it began to slide down the totem pole of priorities. We weren’t looking at the food labels to check out the nutrition value and ingredients which is a must when you’re trying to eat healthy. We were choosing items that were easy and fast to make which usually means that they come in a box or package, ultimately meaning that it’s processed and full of toxins and ingredients that I can’t pronounce. We were also just giving in to cravings and sweets and junk because, well, it tastes good. Fast food and eating out has increased over the last few months, too, because by the time we all get home from work no one feels like cooking and/or because we didn’t plan ahead and stock the fridge with anything to cook with. Unfortunately, our energy levels and numbers on the scale accurately represent all of the above.

We needed a change.

I’ve been following Drea’s blog OhDearDrea for over two years now. She has the sweetest little girl (who’s name I love), she has great personal style, her decorative taste in the home is unique and fresh (I’d trade spaces with her, for sure) and I really love how amazing all of her recipes and pictures of things on toast that she’s shared over the years look on my computer screen. She’s vegan and makes it look so easy and so delicious! Well just a few weeks ago, she (and another gal) released an ebook, Mise En Place: A Thirty Day Cleanse. They’ve been working on this for quite some time in an effort to help people cleanse their bodies of toxins from a poor diet by eating all natural food without any animal products or processed foods. After seeing so many yummy looking dishes on Drea’s blog, I knew this would be something I could and should do. And when I say “I”, of course I mean my husband as well. Um, to be honest, he was actually down for this cleanse idea without any protest. He’s hip to Drea’s blog, too, and was interested in following her lead on this.

I purchased the ebook and a week later, we began the challenge. The first step was to plan out the menu for first few days (4, to be exact). In doing so, I created a rather hefty grocery list of a bunch of healthy and natural food that we didn’t have on our shelves. Some of it, we’ve never purchased or cooked with before.

Our first grocery store stop was at Whole Foods. We don’t shop here. Never have. After a few minutes of stepping foot through the door, I understood why. Dang, they’re expensive! Who can afford to eat like this?! I’m sure there are a number of things that you can buy there and no where else, so that’s fine. But produce and other everyday items that can be found cheaper elsewhere, will most definitely be purchased elsewhere. Besides the prices, the place was packed! Daddy Dom, Mia and I were all there together and I was pushing the shopping cart. There wasn’t a single spot that I could stand in to wait for Dom without feeling like I was in the way. I don’t like crowded places, I get a bit of anxiety. I just felt like I had to get out of there. And, we stood out like a sore thumb. The shoppers there definitely had a look and vibe about them that made us feel like we didn’t belong. We actually looked at each other at one point and said, “what the heck are we doing here. we’re sooooo out of place!” We didn’t fill the shopping cart with much before deciding to head to our local, much cheaper grocer, to finish the list. We don’t have a money tree growing in our backyard, people.



I’m doing this cleanse for a number of reasons, none of which are to lose weight. What I want to lose are toxins that I’ve been feeding myself for far too long. Too many people, these days, have too many health problems. I believe that food plays a giant role in this and I want to care, again, about what I put into my body. I’m taking this opportunity to give my body a break from processing crap. I’m ready to give myself a boost of nutrients and vitamins for the sake of being healthy. If I lose weight, that will only be a big, fat perk of the cleanse. It’s not the focus.


I also want to try new foods that I would normally never think to buy and/or make. I hope to fall in love with new recipes so that when the cleanse is over, I will still incorporate them into my diet. Because of how doable this cleanse appears to be, I hope that I will drastically change my diet afterwards and maybe even turn vegan, part time. I mean, we have chickens and eggs are just too delicious for me to give up permanently. I can be a vegan 4 or 5 days out of the week and allow a few animal products in here and there. My bigger goal is to better rid myself of the processed crap. That’s where the evil lies, right?


Lastly, I want to boost my energy levels! We’ve both been feeling so drained lately and Dominic’s fix is to down an energy drink in his moments of sluggishness. So wrong! I hope that eating the right foods will keep us jazzed all day long.

I’m going to try to give a weekly update with our progress and what we’ve been eating. As I write this, we’ve just completed day 2! If you have any recipe ideas for us or can refer me to any sites with vegan recipes, I’d love it. I’d also love to hear about any cleanses you’ve attempted. How did they go? Wish us luck!

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  1. I’m so happy (and proud) of you both for taking this journey! Its a wonderful thing to cleanse your mind and body, and who knows, you may enjoy being a vegan (I did it for several years-until I got pregnant and craved the chicken!). I did a cleanse myself in the beginning of the year, one from the Whole Living magazine. I actually posted several vegan recipes each week during my cleanse, you may enjoy a few (they are all pretty simple, fast meals). Week One post begins here: http://berlinbythebay.com/2014/01/23/cleanse-week-one/.
    I totally would have done Drea’s as well if I hadn’t already started this when she released hers, maybe another time…Good luck!

    • Jordan, I’m super late in getting around to your comment but here I am and I’m definitely going to browse through your vegan recipes. I have actually enjoyed being vegan so far. It’s been getting easier but I do still have cravings for the naughty stuff. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Try Trader Joes, Sprouts or Gelsons (they are opening a new one in La Canada) to get some of those items. :)

    • Kerry, you’re so right! I work a block away from the Sprouts in La Canada, it’s been there for at least a year now and I went in for the first time 2 days ago! I fell in love. It’s my new favorite store. Maybe even more than Trader Joe’s. Thanks for the tip. Never been to Gelsons before and will definitely pay them a visit.

  3. I bought the cleanse too! I’ve decided to slowly get myself to it but so far I’ve cut out meat and all dairy besides cheese. I just made the spring rolls yesterday! So good :)

    • Sweet! Go Team Cleanse! I am DEFINITELY going to make those spring rolls over the weekend, when I have more time to play with the ingredients I’ve never used before like the wraps. They look delicious in her book. I’m sure you’ll be blogging about your cleanse, tool. Looking forward to comparing notes and recipes :) Thanks for the comment, Tina.

  4. mmmmm… I love me some chia seeds in my yogurt every morning <3 As far as whole foods.. Go on a random weekday morning.. still packed, but not like sardines. Because you are right.. they carry items I have not found anywhere else.. and so must venture into L.A.'s health crazed nightmare. I think I am going to head on over and check DearDrea's book out! Thanks for the tip and have fun with this! I'm sure by week 2 you will be feeling the changes <3

    • Carol, this is the first time Dom and I have ever used chia seeds. The gal at Whole Foods did say Sunday night (which is when we went) was their busiest time. Figures. Thanks for the comment, love :)

  5. Awesome! I can’t wait to hear how it goes. I feel the same way about Whole Foods! Ugh. I’ve been there twice and I’m in no rush to go back. I have found that I can find most of “those” ingredients in my regular grocery stores in the organic/natural section. I also LOVE Trader Joe’s. It’s like whole foods but a lot less pretentious and more affordable (especially if you shop the sales). :)

    • Trader Joe’s is definitely a favorite of ours. Had I not had a few items such as “Nutritional Yeast” and “Goji Berries” on my list, I probably would have just gone there. And they may carry them, I just assumed they didn’t. And, I didn’t even last long enough at Whole Foods to find those items! Ha. Thanks for the comment, Dena :)

  6. That’s a good start. I wish you the best on you journey to a healthier lifestyle :)

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