Tenaciously 22 Months Old

 “We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” ~Stacia Tauscher

And that someone that my daughter is today is a vivacious, strong willed, humorous, beautiful little person. Her tenacious spirit is what directs her through most of her days but it’s her affectionate heart that slows her down enough to appreciate the beauty that is all around. And, slows her down enough to give her Mama and Dada kisses and hugs by the dozen each day. It better stay that way, kid. It better stay that way.

This headstrong spirit of yours, Mia, is what guided you and me through the grounds of Descanso Gardens on the day you turned 22 months old. It was a “this is your world and I’m just living in it” kind of day where I followed your every whim, exploring nature’s sights and sounds. You were the leader of our 2 man pack and I happily followed you down any path you chose and stopped whenever you saw something that interested you. What didn’t interest you, was allowing Mama to get a picture of your face! What a stinker. Instead, I captured what was mostly my view for the hour we were there. That is, your backside. And a cute one it is. You thoroughly enjoyed leading Mama around and you even escaped a few times in fits of laughter for spontaneous spurts of “chase.” Basically, you thought it was a hoot to run away from me and dodge my attempts to grab a hold of you.

What a beautiful day it was for some greenery, fresh air, flowers and being with this sweet little girl. As a parent, I get it when they say that for us the days are long and the years are short. The months are definitely short, too, as yet another one just passed us by. Now here we are, 2 months shy of her 2nd birthday. Let the stressful and exciting birthday planning begin.

22 months1

22 months3

22 months2

22 months8

22 months6

22 months4

22 months5

22 months10

22 months7

22 months9

22 months11

Since the last update, nothing major has changed. Mia’s vocabulary continues to rapidly grow. She’s now saying small sentences and using more commands like: “Mama, sit. Dada, sit.” “I got it” or “I got you.” “Come, Roxi!” and “Come, Rancho!” She also commands them to “no bark!”, “eat” and “drop” when they’ve got a toy in their mouth. Her longest sentence so far has been, “I got a hair bow”, while holding it out to give it to me.

She frequently requests pancakes for breakfast, has taken an interest in the movie “Despicable Me”,  climbs up our step-stool at every chance she gets to help Mama cook or bake in the kitchen and to help Mama put dirty clothes into the washing machine in the laundry room, colors with crayons like it’s her last day on Earth, dumps out her basket of wood blocks and bag of foam blocks all over the living room floor like a boss, scoots around the hardwood floors on her back like she’s a human mop, chases the dogs around in the house with her toy shopping cart like they owe her money, shuffles around the house wearing Mommy’s and/or Daddy’s shoes like it’s her job, reads and flips through her books like they’re going out of style and I…

…well I love her. I love her more than a fat kid loves cake.


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  1. Very good post.Much thanks again.

  2. Cuuuuute outfit!!!! My daughter always runs and grabs the step stool whenever I’m cooking or baking haha. The curiosity of a child is so adorable.

    • Aw, how sweet Tina. For the first time the other day, I tried to convince her that the step-stool was “broken” because I was in such a hurry and had to finish baking some cupcakes before work. I felt so guilty lying to her about it, especially since she looked so disappointed that she couldn’t help Mama.

  3. What a gorgeous little girl. My daughter also loves Despicable Me (not as much as me though!!) :)

  4. She is so cute! LOVE her outfit! I can’t wait for this… but I’ll enjoy my baby while it lasts! xo

    • Definitely enjoy him while his baby-hood lasts, Kerry! I feel like I’m always saying “I can’t wait for….” and then soon after, “Aw, I miss it when…”. It’s hard to enjoy the now, but it’s so worth it to do to the fullest. Thanks for the comment!

  5. beautiful update, absolutely gorgeous photographs, i’m totally swooning over here. <3

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