Thank a teacher this week! {and 13 gift ideas}

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Did you know that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week???

Well, it is. If you have children in daycare or school, you most definitely should let their teachers know that their work is appreciated. As an ex art teacher of about 10 years or so, I can tell you first hand that us teachers love to be recognized. We don’t require it or expect it, but it always feels good to know that our efforts are noticed and cared for. It helps remind us (sometimes we need the reminder) of why we’re in this profession.

I’ll admit, I had it easy as the art teacher. Not easy when it came to the amount of work or prep or planning I had to do, but easy when it came to dealing with my students. I had a very small space to teach in so I would only pull a few groups a day of about 6-8 kids at a time. And because I taught the most fun subject there is (I mean, let’s be honest right?), even the most obnoxious kids where pretty well behaved in my class. Teachers were always shocked to hear that their most troublesome students were usually my favorite. Art just brings out the best in (most) kids.

The rest of the teachers out there, the ones that are stuck with your kids for a huge chunk of the day, day in and day out, for months out of the year, didn’t have it as easy. Of course, there are many easy and great and satisfying days. But I’ve heard stories over the last 10 years that have nearly made my eyes pop out of my head! I’ve heard of students that make their teachers want to turn to the bottle by 10am. I’ve heard of parents that have nearly driven teachers to see therapy! It truly takes a special person to be a good teacher. We all know that teachers aren’t in it for the money but for the passion and the greater good that it serves. These people most definitely deserve your praise and gratitude for the lasting impressions they make on your children, for the teachings they pass on, for the thousands of questions they answer (usually more than once), for the endless amount of patience that they offer (and that is tested each day), for the constant attention they give, and SO MUCH MORE. Let’s face it, they’re like another parent to your kid. A token of your appreciation is the least you can do.

Here are some ideas of how you can show your appreciation to the teachers in your life. They vary on expense so of course, go with what you can afford. You can also team up with a few other parents on the cost if you’re treating the full faculty to something.


  • Buy donuts and drop them off bright and early before class starts. Write a sweet message on the box so that each teacher knows who to thank later on.
  • Buy boxed coffee or a “coffee traveler” for the whole staff. These boxes are affordable, the coffee goes a long way and they come with a stack of cups, lids and some cream. Be sure to grab handfuls of stirrers and sugars before you head out the door.coffeetraveler
  • Find out what your child’s teacher’s favorite drink is at Starbuck’s (or other coffee shop) and just treat him/her one morning as opposed to the whole faculty.
  • Gift your favorite teacher with a Starbuck’s gift card. Teachers see coffee as fuel to face the class each day. The caffeine pumps through our veins. Throw in a cute mug if you’d like, too.
  • Buy breakfast muffins from Costco in bulk for the entire staff.
  • Treat your favorite teacher to lunch one day this week.
  • If you can afford it (or team up with other parents), have lunch catered to the entire staff one day this week.
  • Gift your favorite teacher with a bottle of nice wine. Remember I said earlier, some of us could use it by 10am! (But of course, never would. Maybe.) I will say that at least with my co-workers, there’s always talk of getting a drink or 5 after work, especially on a Friday night.
  • One of my favorite gifts I’ve received as an art teacher, was a set of personalized greeting/thank you cards and envelopes. The student had one of her pieces of art that she had created in my class, made into greeting cards! I thought this was insanely thoughtful and gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
  • Another favorite gift I’ve received was a personalized calendar. The student had 12 different art pieces printed on each month of the year. Love this.
  • A Target gift card with this super cute printable attached! Source HERE.targetcard
  • A pot of planted flowers. This idea is adorable with the message painted on the pot, but it’s not necessary. It would work in a sweet little card, too. Source HERE.flowerpot
  • Wonderfully smelling hand sanitizer. Do you even know how many germs we touch and come into contact with each day? I loved keeping a few these bad boys in my class. This printable would be a perfect pair with this gift. Source HERE.hand sanitizer

Not only will your special teacher feel the love, but you’ll also be setting a good example for your kids. You’ll pass on a valuable lesson of showing appreciation and thinking of others who play a meaningful role in your lives.

If you have any other great ideas on how to appreciate teachers this week, please share! If you’re a teacher, what has been your favorite gifts from students?

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