The 52 Project 2014: 1/52

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Oh me, oh my, a year has gone by…since I joined (a few weeks late, I should add) a weekly portrait project that I stumbled upon over at Practising Simplicity (used to be Che and Fidel). Over 200 other bloggers are currently participating in this project as well, capturing sweet moments in their children’s lives and linking them over at Practising Simplicity’s blog each week. I’m looking forward to giving this project another go this year, capturing a weekly portrait of my daughter, Mia (who is now 20 months old).

I have a few goals for this project this year. Firstly, I’d like to actually post my weekly portraits on time! There were a few posts from 2013 that were over a week behind and that’s just plain silly. Get it together.

My second goal (and the more significant one) is to have a specific focus or theme for the entire year of 2014. I’d like each week’s portrait to reveal one of my daughter’s newest, current or favorite interest, skill, activity, or milestone. Portraits, alone, are a good way to document one’s physical changes over a period of time. That’s definitely an attractive element of a year long project, since her body and face are changing and growing like a weed. But, specifically fixating each weeks’ portrait on the latest in her life will also better document her cognitive growth and capture her blossoming personality. I’m very pleased that this year’s portraits will have more of a purpose and I just hope that I can successfully express each week’s focus through just one photo! And so it begins…

“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

1week 2014

Here in southern California, seasons aren’t so much our thing. In the fall, the leaves don’t turn an array of magnificent colors like they do in other parts of the world/country (boo hoo). But, they still do in fact fall. Last year at this time, Mia was just getting the whole walking thing down pat. This year, she’s walking, rolling, jumping and running. One of her latest discoveries (which was first made during neighborhood walks with Grandma) is the sound and feel of crunching leaves beneath her feet. While strolling down a street or sidewalk, she’ll make her way straight for the leaves without fail. Usually, the ground isn’t covered with them but only speckled, so she walks upon the leaves with careful thought and observation. A few days ago, Daddy Dom and I took Mia to the LA Arboretum which is where this week’s photo was taken.

This portrait captures Mia’s delight in being completely surrounded by fallen, crunchy leaves. She led both Daddy Dom and I by hand, into the mess of them, to join her in the crunching process. A game of chase even broke out over the leaves between her and her Daddy. It continues to astound me, just how simple the joys of life really are. Mia reminds me of this each day. I couldn’t help but to see just how big she is now, watching her dart between the branches and dash through the leaves (which both crushes my heart and makes me the proudest I’ve ever been at the same time). But just before I melt down over how fast time is flying by or over my confusion as to where my little baby has gone, I notice in the photo that I can’t see Mia’s little feet. While Daddy’s and my feet crushed on top of the leaves, hers were buried by them. She’s still my little teeny, tiny girl after all…or at least for the moment.


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