The 52 Project 2014: 25/52

the 52 project2“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014. My goal for the year: highlight her most recently acquired and/or favorite skill, activity, or milestone, in hopes to document her blossoming personality and mind as well as her physical appearance. ” See my series HERE.

25 week 2014

Mia: She’ll cross that bridge when she comes to it. Literally.

Now that Mia is speaking in full sentences (still mixed with baby talk and gibberish) she’s able to make special requests for food she wants to eat, shows she wants to watch, music she wants to listen to and places she wants to go to. The park is one of those places, and sometimes her requests for it are at unreasonable hours of the day but we’ve been frequenting them a lot more lately when we can.

She’s little miss independent at the park, which is a relief for having a kid that always wants to be carried (and is turned down more and more these days). She climbs the stairs and navigates through the playground structures with ease. She’s even conquered a few “rock walls” (they’re plastic) to get to the top.

She’s still not a big fan of slides unless Mommy or Daddy are going down with her on our lap. But, she is warming up to them. She’s gone down a few on her own lately.

The swings? Forget about it. Don’t even ask. She wants NOTHING to do with them. That bums me out because she clearly doesn’t know what she’s missing. They’re the highlight of any park visit, in my opinion. I can’t wait for the day that she falls in love with them.

But the bouncy bridge? That’s her go-to feature. She’s been working on her jumping skills at home off of our sofa and into a pile of pillows, on our bed and off of the ledge of our pool and into the water (and in the arms of an adult). It’s very fitting that the bridge is her favorite park spot. I love to watch the excitement on her face and in her laugh when she bounces and wiggles to make it move up and down. “Mommy look at me! Look at me!” Always, baby girl. Always.

Okay now just for fun, here is the portrait from last year’s week 25 in 2013 when Mia helped Daddy Dom wash our trucks for the first time. LOVED it! And her little romper? It was mine when I was her age.

25 week 2013

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  1. Its funny, my daughter went through a period of hating the swings as well, I came to realize if we start the swing off to aggressive she gets that “funny feeling” in her tummy, which she hates. So we take it slow and she now loves them again. Too bad, we almost met last week…I almost went to the IG meet up-and it looks like you contemplated it as well. Would have love to have met you!

    • I think that’s what Mia doesn’t like about the swings as well. And YES! That would have been awesome to meet up! It just didn’t work out in regards to timing and location. An hour and a half away and trying to make it on time after Mia’s afternoon nap. Eh. Too hard. NEXT TIME, Jordan :)

  2. My daughter used to be completely afraid of swings. Terrified. Then a few months after her 2nd birthday she finally tried a swing for me and loved it. But nowwwww she never ever wants to get out of the swings! And it gets annoying because I don’t enjoy pushing a swing for 30 minutes hahah I’m happy for you that Mia has grown more independent in the park because now you can relax a little more while she plays :)

    • Haha I guess there’s always a positive and a negative to everything, right? Maybe I should be enjoying the fact that I don’t have to get off of the bench on the side of the playground right now and can just kick back. I’ll stop trying to convince her how cool the swings are! Good point, Tina :)

  3. I am so excited for that time when Roman will be able to communicate specific wants to us. Sometimes the frustration in his little face when he can’t, breaks my heart. Of course I’m not rushing it though. I know it will be here soon enough. It’s so awesome that Mia has reached that stage. On another note — I can’t even deal with her sweet, little chubby thighs in that romper!! <3 <3

    • Dena, it’s so amazing how nice it is to be able to understand your kid! I mean, we’ve been paying attention to their signs since birth, BUT, to hear it coming from their mouth is not only such a relief for us but for them as well. Of course, not all of Mia’s needs/wants are easily communicated and she also gets so frustrated. That’s what I think the terrible 2’s are all about. Fun, right?

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