The 52 Project 2014: 33/52

the 52 project2“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014. My goal for the year: highlight her most recently acquired and/or favorite skill, activity, or milestone, in hopes to document her blossoming personality and mind as well as her physical appearance. ” See my series HERE.


Mia and the “roe-dee poe-dee” (roly-poly)

See the dark speck on the ground that she’s staring at? There lies the wondrous and fascinating of all bugs, the roly-poly. She gets so excited when she finds them around. On this occasion (at Grandma’s house), she danced around it, squatted beside it, and got down onto her belly for the closest look possible at the little life. She even built up the courage to touch it for the first time. She tried to pick it up and discovered their protective reflex of rolling up into a ball. After it returned back to normal, she watched it crawl off into the grass nearby.

I…hate…spiders and bugs. I scream and jump and run at the slightest touch of them (I know, you thought I was a bad-ass. So sorry to disappoint). It was until Mia saw me pick up and hold a roly-poly that she felt safe around them, too. Before then, she would want to smash them. Monkey see, monkey do right? It wasn’t until I taught her that they’re “nice” and are our “friends” that she dropped her fear for them and instead became interested. I’m pretty sure this bug is the only one I’ll touch. This stems from childhood when I had no to little fear of other creatures and I could play with these little guys for hours. I also played with worms but that pastime was ditched years ago (Ew!).

Another one of Mia’s interests that live in our backyard is lizards! She loves those things. She loves spotting them and running after them, but good luck getting a photograph of the two of them together. A roly-poly? Piece of cake.

Okay now just for fun, here is the portrait from last year’s week 33 in 2013: an ode to Bunny. Wow, Bunny looks so new here compared to what she looks like now.

33 week 2013

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  1. Your photos are getting so amazing! This series needs to be a coffee table book when you’re done!

  2. Ohhhh my god I have not seen a “roly poly” since I was a little kid!!!!! I started to think I was just imagining them since I never saw them since hahahaha

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