The FAIRest one of all

Mia checked out her first fair (2 1/2 weeks ago).  Saturday, her and I joined Grandma & Grandpa and Sunday we went with Daddy to the Montrose Arts & Crafts Fair.  I’ve gone to this every year for well over 10 years.  I love it and can’t wait until she’s out of the stroller, walking (for at least some of the afternoon), next year.  We bought a pink Hawaiian print sun hat for Mia, a baby sling for her (which I don’t know how to use and still haven’t YouTubed it) and some good grub.  Oh, and a giant bag of Kettle Corn…duh.

*Note: Mia is 5 weeks old here

I love Grandpa’s face here. Mia is his first granddaughter AND baby

These drinks are AMAZING. I always choose cranberry mojito :)

We bought lunch at the fair and were about to sit down in some shade to feed our screaming, hungry baby when we realized that we brought her formula but not the bottles. UGH!  Rookie parent mistake.  We had to leave the fair early and head to the grocery store for her bottle.  From there, we went to Montrose Park to eat our lunch, feed Mia and watch some local little league teams play baseball.

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