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I’m not going to lie, I’ve been crazy excited to share this post with you all for the last 2 months! It was then that I was contacted by the people of Oemi Baby, a sister owned company that creates products for moms and babies. They’re mothers themselves, so they have first-hand experience with what other moms would want and expect from their products. They sell adorable sleepers, blankets and hats, but I was given the opportunity to review their Oemi Baby Bag!


The timing of this collaboration couldn’t have been more perfect. Weeks/months before I received their email, I had been searching the Internet for the perfect diaper bag since I was expecting baby #2 very soon. With Mia, my first child, I bought a very cheap and cheesy bag on clearance. Sure, the cost was unbeatable but it was hideous. It was clearly a diaper bag with it’s leafy insect theme/print and its plastic straps and pockets. I was a first time parent and didn’t think I’d care about the appearance or the durability of a diaper bag. I was wrong. Because it was so unattractive, I had to lug around both the diaper bag and my purse and would leave the diaper bag in the car when I was to be seen in public. And because of its poor quality, it didn’t take long for it to fall apart. I decided back then that with the next baby, I’d invest a lot more thought and money into something I’d love and that would last (even well after the baby would outgrow it). Something I would use for myself when I’d no longer need it for baby.

So, back to my diaper bag search. I had finally narrowed it down to a few options and was debating over which to buy when Oemi Baby asked me to review their bag. I was elated! Their bag, seriously, is as close as close can get to the same type of bags that I was deciding between. It was just…meant to be.

DSC_3292 copy-2-Edit

The Oemi Baby Bag is made from the finest and softest distressed leather, it includes 5 interior and 2 exterior pockets, a matching changing pad and a wide removable shoulder strap. It was designed with the fashion-conscious parent in mind, resembling more of a sleek and chic purse or tote rather than a diaper bag. It’s a bag for me just as much as it is for baby and I love knowing that I’ll get years of use out of it which in my mind, completely justifies the price. That and the quality materials it’s made from (hello 100% premium leather!).

DSC_3350 copy-2

And there’s a final bonus involved in doing business with Oemi Baby. This company makes it a point to give back to the world by donating portions of their sales to charities, donating products to low-income or homeless mothers and also families in an African village and by sponsoring animals in other countries. I most definitely admire and support these efforts.

DSC_3374 copy-2

So how do I personally like the Oemi Baby bag? I love it! I chose the brown leather bag (they also have grey) because I think it matches more with my daily wardrobe. It’s large and deep, allowing me to fit all kinds of goodies inside. My family just took our first day trip as a family of 4 to Santa Barbara over the weekend (all photos are from this trip). I had taken the bag out of the house a few times before this to run quick errands with, but this was my first real use of the bag since Margo was born (6 weeks ago). I was able to fit 4 bottles, 3 burp cloths, a receiving blanket, a few pacifiers, a notepad and pen, 2 sets of baby clothes, a few bibs, 8 diapers, a pack of wipes, the changing pad, my phone, lip gloss, keys, my DSLR camera, a few snacks for Mia and I still had room for more had I needed it. I have to admit that the bag was on the heavy side from everything I brought (we were out for the entire day which explains all of the stuff) and because it’s made from leather, so I used the shoulder strap rather than the double arm straps and didn’t have any problems carrying it. I’ve got 2 kids now, no bag is any match for my “mom arms.”

DSC_3390 copy-2

Lastly, I’ll add one piece of constructive criticism towards this bag (because I think most people who read reviews would like a bit more than “this product is perfect”). If I could make one change to the design, I’d add a center divider to the interior, creating 2 sections rather than just one. I think this would make digging around for miscellaneous, smaller items easier to find because at least you know which section of the bag you put it in. This in no way is a deal breaker for me with this bag. I can always buy a few cheap, clear zip bags to better organize smaller items. I’m a completely satisfied customer and proud owner of the Oemi Baby Bag.


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I don’t know if I’m more stoked over getting the chance to review the Oemi Baby Bag or over the fact that I get to give one away to one of my readers (your choice of brown or grey)! Fellow mamas, this is a big deal and you don’t want to miss out on your chance to win this fabulous bag (retails at $295). Below, you’ll find the giveaway generator, Rafflecopter. Just follow the tasks to acquire multiple entries. I’m running the giveaway for 2 weeks, to get maximum exposure for this really great company (Monday, June 1 – Monday, June 15 @ 10pm PST). This is open to U.S. and Canada residents, only. GOOD LUCK!!!

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  1. Patricia C. says

    Both are beautiful…I prefer the brown!

  2. I love them both, but I think I would choose the brown one.

  3. MJ Moore says

    I’d choose the grey bag, it’d be perfect for me to use out-and-about with my baby and older kids!

  4. Tough to choose, but I would go with the grey. I really like the color!

  5. such a beautiful bag! and your children are gorgeous!!! <3

  6. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I would love to have a grey one.

  7. Ooooh i LOVE that bag! I want to win i want to win!!!!

  8. Denise M says

    I love the brown, so beautiful and stylish

  9. I love this bag and I don’t have babies. It is acceptable to carry a baby bag when I don’t have one?

  10. I would choose the brown bag! I love it! I also have 2 babies and would love all the room!

  11. Wow, what a great looking bag! It’s so hard to find a great diaper bag!

  12. I would choose the grey.

  13. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says

    I would pick the brown one :)

  14. A brown leather diaper bag… Yes please.

  15. Rom Kruse says

    I love the brown

  16. amy pugmire says

    Such a gorgeous bag! I think I am leaning towards the grey! So cute!

  17. I like the brown bag

  18. i think i’d choose brown, but they are both really beautiful! It’s such a nice diaper bag!!

  19. Both are super cute, but I’d chose the grey :)

    Happy to see you guys were able to get out and about!! Life with 2 will keep getting easier, I promise!

  20. Ohhh this bag is kind of PERFECT! I would totally use this for years & think the price would totally be worth it… if I could afford it at the moment, lol) Congrats on that super adorable new baby Mia, she could literally not be any sweeter.

    I would so LOVE to have this bag in the pretty brown (or grey!) to tote all my mama stuff around for new baby on the way. She’s coming in the next month & you reminded me how much baby stuff us mama’s tote around all the time with little’s! Can’t wait! xx

  21. Rachele W. says

    Grey. It’s such a unique color for a baby bag…I love it!

  22. Dagmar M says

    I think I would chose the brown!!

  23. I like the grey bag. This is such a beautiful bag!

  24. DanielleD says

    The brown is so classic & beautiful ! Thanks for the opportunity !

  25. The brown bag is gorgeous… and I can see it being used LONG after it’s needed as a diaper bag. I would be thrilled to win this!

  26. This bag is beautiful! I love that it is leather. <3

  27. Kimberly says

    I also fell victim to a leafy kiddie jungle print diaper bag the first time around. Yuck! I would love this bag in grey.

  28. Love this. I’ve been looking for a bag like this forEVER! Diaper bags are usually so obnoxious.

  29. I’m in love with that bag… slight preference for the gray! Agh! Fingers crossed. :)

  30. rachel cartucci says

    Honestly,both colors make me happy. I really could not say which I like better. I suppose brown would work best….but either would be fabulous.

  31. What a beauty! I love the brown

  32. What a gorgeous bag! The brown one, definitely!

  33. Amanda DeSilva says

    Love the diaper bag! I’m so in need of a better diaper bag- and bonus points for it being so good-looking! Would love a brown one.

  34. Brittmey says


  35. Mary Mack says

    Awesome review!! I don’t think I would could bring myself to spend that much on a diaper bag, but the fact that it looks (and basically is) a stylish purse as well makes it much easier to part with the $ I’m sure :)

  36. Beautiful bag! I love that it just looks like a bag not a diaper bag.

  37. Love the brown one!! Super cute!

  38. Jessica Kelley says

    Love the versatility of the brown as well! I had a very girly bag with Clare so this would be perfect for using with Owen. And after!

  39. Ashley Bree Perez says

    I love the brown!! so stylish! :)

  40. Kerry Wisden says

    LOVE it! Could use a new bag when my second little guy comes this Nov! :)

  41. Shannon Clark says

    I LOVE this bag in brown! I currently am using a Petunia Pickle Bottom which I bought before K was born and I dread using it. There is no space and I can never find anything at the bottom of the bag. A new one would be a lifesaver! Thanks Misty!

  42. Once again, you & I are in the same boat! The diaper bag that I got before I had Roman was hideous. Marina is almost three months and I still haven’t purchased a replacement for it, even though inside I’ve been secretly dying for one. :) I absolutely love this gorgeous Oemi bag — what a dream come true! My fingers and toes are crossed!

  43. I would want the Brown bag :)

  44. I love this bag and would love to win! I did almost all the tasks and hope you both get more exposure. I’m due at the end if the month so this would be perfect!

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