The People of Momista Beginnings Welcome You!

{Enter mental image of a flashy Welcome sign when you cross into a different state}

Now when I say “The People”…I’m referring to 3 of us.  I’m Misty, the art teaching momma, wife and creator of this blog.  My husband, Dominic, is the landscaping, nature loving, “man behind the curtain” of this blog.  Mia, our 2 month old daughter, is the beautiful, fussy, newly smiling reason behind this blog.  And…we welcome you.

Some of you bookblogworms may be stopping by from Ohdeardrea’s page, since she just put up her monthly shout-out to all of her sponsors.  If that’s the case, you have good taste.  She’s awesome and so is her blog.  If you’re new to OUR blog and want to know what we’re all about (in a nutshell), I’d start by reading our About Us.  Here at MB, we keep it honest and we keep it real.  I’m 2 months deep in this whole motherhood gig, and as miraculous and wonderful as it is, it ain’t always pretty. Around here, the phrase “TMI” (too much information) doesn’t apply.  We hope you come on back for the latest wrinkle in our life, for updates with our newborn, for inspiring ideas (home, decor, DIY projects), for my very own art projects for kids (I’m an art teacher), the occasional recipe, fun photos, product recommendations/reviews and more.

Before and After, for your viewing pleasure.

Typical family moment, pre-baby

The 1st of what our NEW typical family moments look like, post-baby

We also encourage feedback from our readers.  This is a 2-way street and posts become a lot more interesting when there’s great advice or personal experiences in the comments box!  Don’t be shy ;)

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P.S.  Every time you vote, Mia gets a big wet kiss from me!  True story.  So send her some love :)


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