The perils of choosing a baby name {video included}

When Daddy Dom and I discovered we were having a baby, it took us months to agree on a baby name. I spent so much time online searching for the perfect one, jotting down the names I liked on a list to run it by my husband (then, baby daddy). The amount of names we vetoed became obnoxious. Why the frustration? Either the name we liked was already taken by someone we know or by a friend’s baby, OR it was because I have had a student in my past years of teaching that has just flat out ruined the name for all eternity. That’s what defiant little bratty kids can do to a name. Did ya hear that, parents? There are certain names that my co-workers and I all agree on to never pass down to our own kin, for the sake of saving ourselves from the daily reminder of all the stress, headaches and brain pain those kids have caused us. Repeating said names, sends shivers down spines and makes hairs stand on end. DO NOT let your kid, be that kid. And if it’s too late for ya, well then…crap.

I don’t know how or when Daddy Dom and I agreed upon Mia. Her middle name, well, I had actually known for a while that I wanted it to be Rose. I think it’s feminine, classy, timeless and represents something so beautiful and a favorite flower of many. As for the name, Mia, neither of us know anyone with that name (or at least that we can think of). Since my mom is from Mexico, I’ve always liked the idea of my child’s name being of Spanish origin. “Mia” means “mine” in Spanish and she is most definitely mine (and of course, Daddy Dom’s). It’s short, sweet and to the point and sounds like music to my ears when paired with Rose. Mia Rose. Perfect. But a name for a boy (we were brainstorming before we knew the sex of our baby), for some reason, was an impossible task. We still don’t have one we’ve agreed on (should we ever have a boy). Seriously, it makes my elbow skin hurt just thinking about committing to one, and that’s tough to do! You know what I’m talking about…it’s down right weird how that part of usĀ is so impervious to pain. Okay, I digress. But if we do procreate once again, we’re both really hoping for that nameless baby boy. Maybe we’ll just call him “boy” or “kid”.

Whitney Avalon, the creator of this original comedy video about the perils of choosing a baby name, thought my readers might appreciate its humor. Being that my target audience are parents, I’d have to agree. It got a good chuckle out of me, at least. Whitney is an actor, singer, and writer. Her television work includes The Big Bang Theory, Days of Our Lives, Monday Mornings, Happily Divorced, and nearly fifty national commercials. Her YouTube video totally made me realize that we never ran through all of the possible nicknames and ways to poke fun at our kid via the name! I actually, just now, tried to think of ways to make fun of the name “Mia” and I can’t think of single one. Feel free to chime in with any if you come up with them. I’ll be sure to skip over the names mentioned in this video for any future boys we may have. Enjoy.

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  1. That video is funny! Love it!

  2. Wyatt is definitely a strong boy and man name with a taste of country. And I love the name Reid. It’s on my list of boy names! I also like Anthony and so does Dom, but Tony is a nickname for Anthony…Tony Carone. For those of you reading who don’t know us, Carone is pronounced “Cuh-row-nee”…first and last name rhyming? Either super cute or super silly. I can’t decide.

  3. I hear you on this topic! When we found out we were having a boy, we staring going through names and we either hated each others choices or just just like you guys, I knew a child with a name he suggested and vice versa. I know I wanted a strong boy/man name, I know I wanted a little taste of country and still not a name common like well, “Kerry” or “David”… Once Wyatt was brought up, it stuck, was there to stay and has never changed! Can’t wait for my baby to come. Wyatt Reid Scantlin. Perfect. :)

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