The secret’s out, we had a baby….



Born: Thursday, April 16th at 8:34 pm

Weight: 8 lbs. 13 oz.

Length: 21 3/4 in.

Two weeks ago, we welcomed our second daughter into the world. If you’re new around here, we had decided NOT to find out the gender throughout the entire pregnancy which was really tough to do and I’m honestly surprised that I never caved in and forced it out of my doctor! Anyways, I have to admit that I was a bit surprised that we had a girl. From day one of finding out that I was pregnant, I was sure that we were having a boy. It wasn’t until the 3rd trimester that I had lost all inkling towards what the gender may be. I felt uneasy referring to it as a “he” OR a “she”, so I used both genders interchangeably. Also, nearly every person I came across was sure that I was having a boy based off of how I was carrying the baby. All of my weight was in my stomach making me look like I had a beach ball under my shirt. I guess having a more extended tummy rather than carrying wider in the hips is supposed to be a sign that you’re having a boy. And of course, when you already have a child, most everyone immediately throws themselves into the opposite gender camp which means more were rooting for a boy.

I was asked often, “What are you hoping to have?” As most parents will answer, “A healthy baby.” Beyond that, I honestly can say that I didn’t have a preference. My stance was “whatever is meant to be, will be.” Having a boy meant that I’d get the experience of raising each gender. I’ve become so comfortable with raising a girl for the past 3 years that having a boy would definitely mix things up. Also, my husband would be able to pass down his family name and he’d get to pass down all things boyish and manly to his “mini-me”. Having a girl meant that I’d get to experience sisterhood! I have only one younger brother, clearly never getting to know the bond between two sisters. Obviously, I can’t predict the relationship that my two girls would have but regardless, I’d still get to live vicariously through my daughters and witness their sisterly bond. Also, how convenient that I’ve saved boxes and boxes of girl clothes and gear from Mia.

Because we didn’t know the gender, we came up with names for both a boy and a girl. We had a definite boy name chosen since the first month of pregnancy. Daxton Alan (nickname: Dax). My husband liked the idea of a name starting with “D” since his does and I like how uncommon a name Daxton is (at least I think it is). It also sounds so strong and masculine, which also attracted me to it. And “Alan” is my husband’s middle name.

Now a girl name…whew! This took every bit of 9 months to come up with. I had read through just about every online names list there is. I jotted down every single girls name that stuck out to me, we’d try the name out for a few days to a week and hardly any of them ever stuck! The other problem I’d come across is that the names that I DID like were already taken by a friend, family member or someone close enough in our social circle. Oh, and also my husband vetoed the one name that I did like and want from the beginning…Isla. So! We cycled through names up until the day of our daughter’s birth. We entered the hospital with a list of names that we would decide on once we saw her sweet face (if it was a girl, of course). The names to choose from were: Frances (nickname: Frankie), Marley, Marlo and Margo. My 3 year old, Mia, really wanted her name to be Marley. In fact, she referred to the baby throughout my pregnancy as her “baby sister, Bob Marley.” But, we decided instead to name her Margo Blu. I think it sounds feminine, classic and I like that it’s not super common (um, I think…I hope!).

So there you have it. Welcome baby GIRL, Margo Blu, seen here at 3 days old!


Her coloring is a little off because she had jaundice (which is gone now, btw). I wish I had more photos to share at this time but she’s been quite a handful since we left the hospital. I had big plans to practice my “newborn photography skills” with her once we returned home but haven’t been able to because she spends a lot of her time crying, screaming and fussing. When she sleeps, I don’t dare touch or move her for my own sanity’s sake! This also explains why this blog has been so quiet lately. I have so much I’d like to share about how life has changed for us over here and slowly, I’ll get to it all. In the meantime, I’m trying to rest as much as I can between juggling TWO KIDS. Wow………………………….I have two kids.

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  1. I am so behind on blog commenting that it’s silly, but I couldn’t forget to stop in here to say congratulations! She really is just so beautiful and I am so happy for your family. Mia is going to be the best big sister (I’m sure she’s already getting the hand of it!) & I’m so excited to watch your beautiful family make its way as a unit of four! <3

  2. She’s soooo beautiful! How amazing it will be to watch the bond between Mia and her.

  3. She is such a cutie. Love the mo hawk.

  4. Oh my goodness, I’ve been thinking of you! She’s here! This is fantastic! And what a cutie she is, look at her! Well obviously, you have been doing this, hehe. Congratulations! I hope she’s being better and that her big sister is enjoying this new friend she’s got. Keep on resting, you’re doing great! Can’t wait to see more of her beautiful little face, she’s such a doll! :)

  5. what a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl!! :) Congratulations to you and your entire family!!! Your boy’s name made me look twice, my girls have a baby doll they refer to as “Daxton” and I seriously thought they made it up…. so I think both of your names are pretty original!! :) Hang in there girl, it will all fall into place and become easier as time goes on.

  6. I LOVE HER NAME SO MUCH! She is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I wish so much I had my camera (instead of only a shitty iPhone) when my daughter was born. Newborn photos are the best, take as many as you can ;) You have two kids! I am so jealousssssssss. Congrats again :)

  7. Congrats! She’s beautiful….and I love her name!

  8. CONGRATS ! Beautiful name for a gorgeous little gal !! Thanks for sharing :)

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