The SWEET Gender Reveal!

About a month ago, we had an appointment with my physician and she told us she was about 70% sure that Dominic and I were having a baby GIRL! She said it was still early to be certain, but she couldn’t find a little “rocket ship.”

Two weeks later at our next appointment with a different doctor (who has better 3D sonogram equipment), he confirmed to us that we are having a girl.  I’m thrilled!

Funny thing, for the past year or so, I’ve been dead set on wanting a boy first.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant, that feeling changed within an instant.  I didn’t even have to think about it, I just knew that it had to be a girl, and that I wanted a girl first.  When browsing online for cute nursery themes and clothes, I didn’t even check out the boy stuff!  Crazy, right? A mother’s instinct, I guess.

Now, a “gender reveal” was in order. I love all things creative and fun and that’s what I think gender reveals have the potential to be. I wanted to come up with something good for announcing the news at work.  I have over 50 co-workers and had to come up with a cute idea to reveal to them what I’m having. I decided on a few things that made up my SWEET gender reveal.
gender reveal
First, I tracked down as many co-workers as I could and had them vote by adding a tally mark under boy or girl, whatever they thought I was having.  Then, I gave them a cupcake that I had made.  After taking a big bite, pink frosting was revealed inside…GIRL!  If they didn’t want a cupcake, they could choose option #2, take a peek in the box to see her precious little shoes and her name. The reveal was a hit at work and everyone was stoked for me…or maybe they were just stoked to get a delicious cupcake treat.
Two days later at Thanksgiving dinner, I would reveal to Dominic’s and my family the gender of our little baby.  I didn’t want to repeat the same cupcake idea, because bringing cupcakes to the greatest food holiday there is, is an insult to such a delicious menu!  It was my responsibility to make the sweet potatoes this year, so I used that in my reveal.  I dyed the marshmallows that topped the potatoes…pink :)  At first, no one caught on to the subtle hint, but after I kept mentioning the strangely colored pink marshmallows and pointing them out to everyone, a few “light bulbs” went on and everyone figured it out.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the potatoes!!!  Bummer.
So there you have it…I’m creating a precious baby girl, Mia Rose, right here in my belly.  We all love her.

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