There’s something about March 15th…

…that I hope will continue to pleasantly surprise us with each passing year. It used to just be the date that Dominic and I first moved in together (3 years ago, btw), into the home we currently live in. I was 8 months pregnant. Now, we can add a few more exciting memories to this date.

One of them being our first trip to the beach (Carpinteria, to be exact…one of our favorite spots) where Mia truly had the time of her life. We had been to a beach twice before I think, but the kid hated it. She screamed, cried and ran from the water in fear. She also wasn’t a fan of the sand. But this day was such the opposite. I literally think that if she could comprehend the concept and give it some actual thought, she’d agree that this afternoon was the best of her entire life (obviously, it hasn’t been all that long yet but still). I can’t remember the last time I’ve ever heard Mia laugh as hard, as long and as much as she did this day by the water. It was one of my most rewarding days as a parent so far, too. The sound of laughter and true happiness coming from my daughter is priceless and makes me feel so grateful that I had a part in providing that for her. Mia loved every bit of the beach including running from the waves, splashing through foam, hopping around the sand, gathering rocks and shells, tossing them back into the sea and sinking her toes into the sinking sand.

Our big “parent fail” was not planning ahead for such an occasion. Because of our past experiences with Mia at the beach, we just assumed this day would be no different. So, we planned our day more so around cruising through the town, hanging around the playground, eating lunch at The Spot and merely checking out the beach for a few photos together. To cut to the chase, we did not pack any bathing suits, towels, beach toys or a change of clothes. Since Mia only had the dress she was wearing, we were forced to remove it leaving her only in her underpants to save her from either a naked ride home or a wet ride home. Lesson learned: be prepared for anything! We’ll never again be within a 15 mile radius of any beach while hot weather is upon us (yes, in the middle of March!!!) without having the necessary beach gear at hand.

The other really great memory that will forever be a part of March 15th is picking up our newest member of the family, Raisin. We had planned on taking her home in a few weeks and were notified at the last minute that she was available that day. We were literally packing up our car to head home from the beach when we got the call and so we picked up Mia’s first, official puppy dog (6 weeks old) on our way home. I’ll write more about Raisin and her story at a later time.

At the end of this super satisfying day, I could only wonder what kind of surprises will be revealed to us next year on this date.









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  1. The best part about kids is they don’t need bathing suits! They are perfectly happy running around naked getting as sandy and dirty as possible! Half the time, I wish I didn’t put Berlin in her suit! Looks like fun, and I’m sure its even warmer than it is here!

    • I totally agree. However, my husband was super uncomfortable letting her run around with the bathing suit! I wasn’t expecting that. It took about 5-10 minutes of discussing it and reassuring him that it’s okay for him to realize that it was a better option than letting her dress get soaked. It didn’t bother me at all. So innocent and basic and pure…she’s not even 3 yet. But, I guess for a Dad maybe it’s a little harder to feel okay with it? Idk.

  2. How cuuuuuute! I’m so excited to be at the beach in a month! Packing for the beach is one of my favorite things. I’m happy that she is loving the ocean this year!!!!!!!!! It’s my favorite favorite favorite way to spend my time with Lyla.

    • We’re stoked that she’s loving the ocean, too. It’s funny, we live about 30 min or so from a few beaches and we NEVER go to the beach. Now that we’ve discovered Mia’s love for it, we’ll be there more often this summer I think. The pressure is on to get into a bathing suit as soon as possible after baby. Greeeeeaaaaaat. Looking forward to seeing Lyla’s 101 different bathing suits this season ;)

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