This summer’s newest SAHM

Today was my official last day of work!!!!!!!!!!

Well, at least for the summer. Once school’s fall season rolls around, there’s no telling where I’ll be so I’m not even going to think about that yet. It’s one of those “cross that bridge when we get there” sorta deal.  As far as I’m concerned, I’m the newest SAHM (stay-at-home-mom)…at least for the summer.

You guys, I’m so excited. Seriously, I’m super crazy stoked to be home. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I’m not on anyone else’s schedule but my own Mia’s. I mean, she does still take an afternoon nap and ya’ll know how that goes. Daily activities revolve around those golden hours and we can’t forget about feeding times, too. Oh this feels so good!

After I clocked out from work for the last time (for a while, at least), I picked up Mia from Grandma’s care, drove home to put her down for her nap and I’ve been sitting on the couch for the last hour and a half just zoned out. I’ve been breathing in deeper than I have in a while, followed by lengthened exhaling. I feel like I’m slowly releasing the stress from the year. I’ve caught myself grinning almost unintentionally. How can I not? My summer has begun!

What’s even better is that Mia is starting a summer preschool program on Monday. She’ll be out of the house a few days a week for only a few hours each day and I just can’t wait. I’ll be posting about this at a later date but basically, this means more time for me! If I wasn’t so comfortable right now, slouched back in the couch, I’d do a happy dance.

I’ve got so many ideas and plans for this summer. It’s going to be epic. Please note, my “epic” is probably completely different from your “epic” so don’t get too excited for me when you read that. Think house cleaning, exercising, pool days, sewing, cooking, grocery shopping without the kid, errands without the kid, yard work, doing bills in peace, getting organized, launching my Etsy shop, reviving my photography business, more play dates with Mia on non preschool days, working on my tan, more hikes, some camping, hopefully getting knocked up again (that’s right, we’re trying!), a possible (oh please, oh please, oh please) family vacation and ending it all with a big fat pool party. Huh, you know what? Epic is right. Summer 2014…BRING. IT. ON.
And you know what they say, “happy wife, happy life”? Well this is one happy wife so naturally my husband and kid are going to greatly benefit from this new change in our lives. Tonight, I’m thinking ice cold margaritas! I feel like celebrating. And I feel like giving my husband a big fat smooch on the mouth! Did you see that honey? No, I’m not drunk already (I’ll wait for you to get home to do that). I’m just so thankful to have a hardworking man as a husband who also wants everything I’ve mentioned above. I’m so grateful that he wants me to be home, too. I’m so lucky that this summer, I can be home. THANK YOU for all that you do, dear. THANK YOU for putting a roof over our heads (I’ll clean it and make it a home), for providing food to eat (I’ll buy it and turn it into gourmet meals. Seriously, I’m a bomb cook), for supporting my goals and dreams and allowing me to be me. I love you and I love that you love us enough to make us happy.

Here’s what I did on my last day of work for 4 hours. It was their last day of school, too. This means party day. The campus is covered with bounce houses, arts and crafts, food and lots of sweaty and smiling faces. Many of those faces had painted designs, done by me (and a few other gals). These are a few of the dozens of faces I painted today. We kept it pretty quick and minimal since we had so many kids to paint in only a few hours. This has been my job on “party day” for the last 13 years and it may have been my last. I’ve actually face painted at birthday parties twice. My mom is convinced I should advertise my services over the summer and make some money off of it. Maybe?

facepaint CollageCheers (really, I’m not drinking just yet) to a great summer to all of you as well. I know not everyone has the luxury of staying home but regardless of your schedule, make an effort to do something special with it. Don’t let summer go by without feeling the warm sun, making memories with those you love, enjoying the warm nights, getting into the outdoors, crossing something off of your bucket list and allowing yourself to be free and happy. Make the best of what you’ve got…IN SUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMER!!!!!! (said in the voice of Olaf from Frozen).


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  1. This is the… BEST. POST. EVER!!! Your joy is absolutely palpable and I love it. I am so excited for you in so many ways, some obvious ones and others ones which we’ve discussed privately in the past! This is just good, good, GOOD. And most of all… BABY #2!?!?!?! I don’t know if I can handle the cuteness of another baby Mia Rose Bug!!!!!!

    • Haha, yeah? Thanks Dena! I just can’t help it, I’m just so thrilled for this new change. Thanks for the support :) And yes, we HOPE for baby #2. Been casually trying for a few months now and getting more serious and timely with our efforts as of late. Keep your fingers crossed for a quick conception! Thanks for commenting, as always.

  2. Awesome! Being able to be at home is such a blessing. I’m so glad we’ve been able to do it (and hopefully plan on continuing as long as possible) It sounds like your summer is going to be fantastic. I think all those things sound pretty epic. :)

  3. Awww yay welcome to SAHM land for the summer! You’ll appreciate it so much more than the rest of us because you were away from your daughter during 40 hours a week for so long. And I would totally hire you for a kid’s party to paint faces!

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