Three Tips To Make Your Move Enjoyable {Guest Post}

We’ve been living in our house (rental) in sunny, southern California for 17 months now. My husband (then, baby-daddy-to-be) and I moved in together while I had just reached my 8th month of pregnancy. Talk about a stressful time. We had spent weeks to months of searching for a house to rent via Craigslist, other online and printed listings, word of mouth, driving all over town every evening after work and even paying for a listing service.

As fate would have it, a friend of Dominic’s owns a house (along with his dad) and were renting it out to a family. Turns out that right when Dominic and I were getting as close to the end of the line as one can get (in regards to time…you know, my belly almost popping), that friend of his informed us that the current residents of his property were suddenly moving and that it would be up for rent pretty much a month before our baby was due. Was this meant to be, or what?! The challenge of house hunting was over and we could actually relax and catch our breath for a moment (which was already very short on my end, since I had a baby hogging up all the room on my insides, squishing my poor little lungs).

Daddy Dom was going to need that break because he was about to be my main moving man, moving us into our home. With much help from my parents, he did a ton of lifting, carrying, unpacking, painting (Mia’s nursery) and arranging while I stood by and watched and/or applied contact paper into the kitchen drawers and hallway closets. That’s an easy enough job for a very pregnant woman to do, who is supposed to be “taking it easy” after our “Christmas scare” when I went into pre-term labor at only 23 weeks of pregnancy. I tried to help as much as I could (or as much as anyone would let me). After the chaos of moving was over, the joys of unpacking soon followed. We only had a month to get settled in before the baby came. I was still working a full time schedule until only a week before the baby came. That didn’t leave much time to give every item we owned a “home”, to decorate, to paint or to make the house our home. We never sent out moving announcements (never thought to) and we still haven’t ordered any address labels (which I’ve just discovered through the guest post below, TinyPics has an adorable selection of). Our house is still not quite the home we envision it to be. Life gets majorly hectic after having a baby and pretty much everything takes a back seat to the baby’s needs and priorities.

If you’re currently in the process of looking for a house and are feeling ridiculously stressed about it, just think…”Hey, I could be 8 months pregnant right now.” Scary, I know. I hope your experience is much smoother than mine was. Just know that in time, when it’s meant to be, you’ll get there. And when you do, here is some really thoughtful information  from Cindy Rollins, a seasoned writer and guest author who enjoys sharing products, services and ideas that combine thoughtful design with a functional purpose. She has provided us with this guest post to try and ease your moving process. Thanks, Cindy!

Three Tips to Make Your Move Enjoyable

When you’re moving from one home to another, things can get a bit hectic. From selling your home and buying another to hiring a reputable moving company and packing, there can be a lot to remember. Still, moving is the perfect opportunity to update a few things, change some things, and ultimately, have a little fun. If you’re about to move, follow these three tips to take full advantage of it and enjoy the process.

Tiny Prints New Happy Home Moving Announcement

• Design new stationery and announcements. Your immediate loved ones will likely be aware of your move, but why not spread the news through custom moving announcements? It’s quick and easy to choose from hundreds of designs, and it’s a fabulous way to let people know where to reach you and where to send you holiday cards. When you’re purchasing your announcements, throw in personalized address labels to make your life easier whenever you send something in the mail. Order extra so you always have some on hand. And why not update the rest of your stationery while you’re at it?

Tiny Prints Perfect Home Moving Announcement

• Do some redecorating. A move is the perfect chance to create a new space, even if you use all the same furniture and some of the same décor. Personalize the space with customized products – everything from wall decals to large mounted canvas prints of your favorite family photo. Purchase new pillows or fleece throws for your chairs and sofas and be bold with your color choices. Redefine your tastes and explore your inner design diva as you create a homey space that’s new and exciting.

• Throw a party. Sure, the process of moving can be drudgery, but the aftermath can be a ton of fun! What better way to show off your new home than to invite friends and family – or new neighbors, if you’re in a brand new place – over for a housewarming party? Order custom invitations online and have fun with tons of easy designs, fonts and colors. Here’s another opportunity to use those address labels or buy a custom address stamp.

If the idea of organizing a party so soon after your move stresses you out, don’t let it! Keep it simple by purchasing a few trays of food from your local grocer. Don’t worry about decorating – your newly decorated home will be what friends will want to see anyway. Keep the party low key and simply enjoy meeting new friends and celebrating with the old ones.

It’s true that the process of moving can feel like an endless list of to-do’s, but it has its moments of pleasure as well. Create excitement in yourself and in your family members by adding fun activities and opportunities to make new purchases – and let loose – along the way.

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  1. Great tips! We moved from Austin to Colorado during my second trimester and then we bought and moved into a house during my third. NEVER AGAIN! But we did it, and we’re settled, and we couldn’t be happier. So it was worth it! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Well that just sounds brutal. Ya beat me! :) With our next baby (whenever that happens) I\’m really looking forward to being a family through the entire 9 months (I lived with my parents up until my 8th with Mia) AND not having to move anywhere and uproot my whole life. What a difference that will make. Oh, and my husband and I are very jealous of anyone that lives in Colorado…especially Colorado Springs (noticed that on your blog). Thanks for your comment.

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