To the LEFT, to the left

Dear Left Side of my body,

  For the past few months, I’ve been favoring your side over the Right when I rest and lay down because, well, that’s what they tell me to do.  Apparently it’s better for the baby because it helps increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach her.  For the next 2 1/2 months, you will continue to be “the chosen one.”  I hope that when my pregnancy ends, you are still just as curvy and voluptuous as the right side.  Try to hold onto your womanly figure until then.  I would prefer to not be lop-sided or walk with a funny limp.  In the meantime, hum a little Wilson Phillips to motivate you to the end…

   “Yeah I know that there is pain,

But ya hold on for one more day and,

Break free, break from the chains…

Hold on, hold on,

Baby, hold on.”

Here is some  further reading on the benefits of sleeping/laying on your left side during pregnancy, and also why you should avoid laying on your back!

  “Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy” at American Pregnancy Association

“What’s the best sleep position during pregnancy?” at Baby Center

“Sleeping During Pregnancy” at Kids Health

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  1. Misty,

    You really have a talent in writing,

  2. I can't WAIT to sleep on my belly again!!

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