Toddler Eats: Lunch

This here is one of Mia’s typical lunches: fruit (apple), olives (her favorite), avocado, tomato (from our garden), cheese stick (cubed), and deli meat (turkey).

I don’t have to cut up her food (diced and sliced and cubed), but she eats a lot faster and better for me when I do. Sorry, but a half an hour lunch is already pushing it for me and this method allows me to pop “baby bites” (as she calls them) into her mouth as soon as her last bite has made it down the hatch, saving us some time and frustration.

But my bigger problem is getting the food down the hatch in the first place. Meal time has become a bit of a struggle for us lately. She stores her food in her left cheek and I have to constantly tell her to “chew” it up for the next bite. This kid is totally testing my limits and it’s while she eats that I have to dig into my deepest pocket of patience. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a hole!

DSC_0465-2bBiodegradable pirate plate set (which we LOVE): Bamboo Studio

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  1. We are constantly having food battles over here lately. She used to be so great and eat anything I gave her, so lots of veggies and fruits were included in her diet. Now its nothing but snacks all the time; crackers, yogurt packs…so I’ve had to eliminate all “snacky” food, so frustrating!

  2. I could only get Lyla to eat the apples… maaayyyybe the cheese haha Lucky momma!

  3. Oh man…feeding struggles. I feel you on that. The only thing I can get Lucy to put in her mouth is those gerber puffs or baby mumums. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Granted, she’s only 10.5 months, so she’s still new at it…
    On another note, my brother actually squirrelled away food like that for a long time and made my parents furious. They actually found out after about a year of him doing so that his adenoids were huge needed to be removed and he had a really hard time swallowing. He never complained about it though, so they thought he was just being a picky toddler.

    • Oh no, how frustrating! Mia loved both of those snacks. And thanks for mentioning your brother’s situation. I would have NEVER thought that something could be wrong or bothering Mia. Huh…maybe it wouldn’t hurt to get that checked out. Thanks for sharing!

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