Tooth-Breaking News!!

Mommy discovered something when she was at grandma’s house picking up Mia. Mia has her first tooth poking through.


*written by Daddy Dom on 10/11/12


Daddy Dom was SO excited about the discovery of Mia’s first tooth, he didn’t even give me the chance to post about it, yet! Actually, I didn’t even know he posted about it until I was gettin’ comfy in bed last night and checking the site a final time before off to dream land. “Um…you wrote a post today??” He followed up with “Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you.” Sheesh!

Anyways, yes…Mommy DID discover Mia’s first tooth yesterday (at a day shy of 24 weeks old) while Grandma was taking her for a quick stroll down her street between the crazy rain and hail storms we were having.

It was Mia’s first rain, thunder and lightning. I work only a few miles from Grandma’s house, and every time I heard thunder, my heart sank because I had no idea how Mia was reacting to it and I had wished I was there with her to hold her and comfort her if she was scared.

Turns out, she was completely oblivious to it, says Grandma. Relief.

Back to the tooth! When I got to Grandma’s , I joined them at the end of their stroll and took this photo because my baby boo looked absolutely scrumptious, I mean delicious…I mean, adorable. Honestly, I could eat her up.

(Hey…you like this owl beanie? Wish you could have one just like it? Maybe you should stick around…keep coming back, hint-hint….we make things happen around here)

After I snapped the photo, of course, she grinned and in doing so, flashed something white in her mouth. I thought maybe it was a reflection. It took some finger shoving and mouth chasing but I was able to get a better look and sure enough, it was the tippy-top of a tiny tooth! The bottom, left one right in the front row. I did a little happy dance. It took a good 15 minutes before I was able to show it off to Grandma with all of her head bobbing and body thrusting.

When we got home to show Daddy, she wasn’t having it then either. She fussed and screamed and refused to let me get my finger in there. Eventually, it happened and he was just as proud and excited as I was.

This totally explains the fussing lately. And I admit, I have no clue what’s in store for me with a teething baby. I’ve read up on…none of it. All I know is that today, she’s hardly eaten anything (eating 2-3 oz. instead of her normal 5-6oz.) and she’s been coughing A LOT.

Any advice, tips and comments are more than welcome. I’ve got some researching to do.

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  1. Yay, a toofer!! Abby is in the same boat. Her bottom teeth came in at 5 months and now she’s working on her top 2. The one on the right has cut thru and the one on the left is almost poking thru. They usually come 2 at a time so be on the look out for the one next to it. So far she hasn’t been too fussy but when she is I like Hylands Teething Tablets (they’re homeopathic).I’ve also tried an amber teething necklace. Not entirely sure why or how it works but it does. Something about the amber against the skin that helps take the pain away (you can find them on Amazon). Probably gonna get a lot of flack for this but I’ve also tried whiskey. You put a tiny dab on you finger and rub it on her gums. It works like magic! My mom did it with me and my brother and so did millions of other moms before we became such a nervous society. We all turned out just fine. Supposedly after the first few teeth it isn’t as bad because they get used to it… until the molars start coming in. Then it’s really not fun! Hang in there momma. Hopefully it won’t be too bad.

    • Thanks sooooo much for the advice. Honestly, I\’m not opposed to the whiskey tactic, I just feel awful for putting something so AWFUL tasting into Mia\’s mouth. I hate the taste of that stuff…and if she makes a face at apples, then she\’s gonna HATE whiskey. I\’ll probably give it a try eventually. We just bought a gel of some kind to rub on her gums but haven\’t used it yet. I\’m definitely going to look into the amber necklace. Never heard of it. I hope it\’s just as successful with us as with Abby.

  2. YAY Mia!! P is going on week 3 of middle of the night feedings & fussiness cause of her teeth. Poor things, must be so painful! Ahhhhhh life…enjoy :)

    • Aw, no! 3 weeks?! Funny, I\’m kinda used to that. Mia always wakes up in the middle of the night for a feeding AND it\’s no secret that she\’s been a bit of a fuss butt since birth…with the exception of a few days or weeks. I pray it doesn\’t get any WORSE.

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