Warhol’s Basket of Flowers {Miss Misty’s Art Class}

Hello, class!  It’s been quite a while since I’ve brought you any art project ideas.  I can’t seem to find my good photos of all my art projects so my camera phone pics will have to do for now.  This project is really simple and can be used as a Mother’s Day gift, a birthday gift, or an art piece to welcome spring.  I used it as a Mother’s day gift with my Kindergarten students.  We recreated this Andy Warhol painting called Basket of Flowers

warhol flower bouqet3

This painting can easily be broken down into simple steps with really young artists by simplifying the basket into basic vertical and horizontal lines, and the flowers into basic shapes.  If you have older students, you can raise the difficulty level by giving the basket and flowers more details.

Here is my example that I showed to my students when introducing the project.

warhol bouqet1

I first had my students draw the outline of a basket.  They then drew many rows of horizontal lines, followed by rows of vertical lines.  They drew the round flowers first by drawing large circles, spaced apart, filling the top half of their paper. Then, they drew a “swirl” in the middle of each circle, with 3 curved lines around it.  They filled the remaining spaces, in between the circles, with simple flowers (a small circle center with 5 or 6 petals). I traced their pencil lines with a fine tip Sharpie.

warhol bouqet2

The easiest part of this project?  Giving it color.  Because my students were so young, I didn’t think using watercolor paints would be the best option, but I really wanted the watercolor effect.  So, we used Crayola Watercolor Pencils! 

watercolor pencils

These things are amazing and any young artist should have them in their art supplies. They used them like regular colored pencils, trying their hardest to stay in the lines of the flowers and basket.  Then, I gave them each a paint brush.  They dipped their clean paint brush into water, and stroked their flowers and basket with the wet brush.  The water on the brush mixed with the dried paint on their paper, creating watercolor paint before their very eyes.  For the last step, I let them use actual yellow watercolor paint to brighten up the background, surrounding their basket of flowers.

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