We had 17 days to unwind, now back to the daily grind

One definite perk of being a teacher is that I get the same breaks, holidays and days off that the students get…for the most part. This Christmas break, I had 17 glorious days off with my family, at home, doing whatever the heck I wanted. I had been looking forward to having so much time with Mia (and to giving my mom a break from sitter duty) and to finally get around to doing house stuff AND making stuff I’ve been pinning on Pinterest! That’s right, I’m not just a “pinner”…I actually create.

I’ve mentioned before that I want to start up my Etsy store (currently empty) and I finally got around to making a few items that I want to sell. Let me rephrase that, I finally started making a few items that I want to sell…they’re not finished yet. Dang. I’ve got SO many ideas, though, that my head may possibly burst. Wanna hear about a few things I’ll be making/selling?..play tents for kids, burp cloths and receiving blankets, bibs (if the next one I make improves from the first), quilts, car seat strap pads, possibly some onesies, hand-cut, natural branch coasters (these are awesome), possibly a natural branch cupcake stand (still need to attempt to make it), maybe a few pieces of art, hand made tote bags, and more. Seriously…burst!  PROBLEM: finding the time to be this awesome with 2 working parents, 2 big rowdy dogs, an 8 1/2 month old, a house to keep up (which I miserably fail at each day) and a blog to write (which I’m totally slacking on). Waiter, another cup pot of coffee, please.

Well, I just concluded the first week back at work after our long break and man I miss my baby and crafting time. I desperately want to be a stay-at-home mom…at least until she goes to school and then we’ll talk about going back to work. That’s the solution to not only getting more time to blog, craft, create my Etsy empire (ha), keep up with house work, exercise, begin plans on starting a small photography business (yup, that’s another dream of mine), but also to spend precious and valuable time with my daughter. The hope is that next year, I’ll be home…or MOSTLY home, at least. *fingers crossed* Any ideas towards making this dream a reality are welcome :)

Some of our break activities…

  • *baked cookies with Grandma
  • *had a “play date” at Panera Bread
  • pb date1 pb date2 pb date3 pb date4
  • *began making a play tent for Mia

diy tent

  • tent diy2a
  • *realized I left an envelope holding $600 worth of gift cards and movie tix at Panera Bread 2 days prior to the discovery. Showed up at Panera Bread to the amazing news that the manager found it and saved it in the safe for the owner! Every card was accounted for and the manager scored a few movie tix from us for her good deed.
  • *experienced colic-like behavior similar to her 1st few months of life again…due to teething. Only nice side effect was extra cuddling with Mommy.
  • IMG_20130102_221140 IMG_20130102_164401 IMG_20130102_220536
  • *went garage sailing
  • *went thrifting
  • *had a few friends visit
  • *began brushing Mia’s teeth for the 1st time
  • 1st time brushing teeth1

1st time brushing teeth3  1st time brushing teeth2

So, when’s our next break?

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