A Manic Monday {with a side of PLEASE VOTE FOR US!}

Do people EVERYWHERE in ALL towns besides mine….not know how to drive? Especially, on Monday mornings???  I think I hit the brakes more than the gas on the way to drop Mia off at Grandma’s house, and I may have dropped the “F” bomb more than once. When Mia starts understanding words and talking, I’ll have to get creative ‘on the fly’ and come up with replacement anger phrases. In the heat of the moment, my mom used to call other drivers on the road, “FARMER!”

What are your new go-to mommy/daddy phrases that you use around the kiddos? I should probably start practicing.

Now to the next order of business on this manic Monday…VOTING. The people over at TopBabyBlogs.com reset everyone’s votes this morning, which is something they do every few months or so to keep things fresh. This means we were dropped down in the rankings and we now need YOUR HELP in getting us back to the top! All you have to do is VOTE, once every 24 hours. Just click this link Vote For Us @ TopBabyBlogs.Com - A Top Baby Blog List By topbabyblogs.com and you’ll be directed to another page where you’ll click Mr. Owl on the left. This casts your vote…the end, that’s it.

So, what’s the big deal with sittin’ pretty up high in the baby blog rankings? I’ll tell ya. We get more views and more traffic to our site. This is our ultimate goal because more readers means more participation on our blog via comments. More comments means more interesting discussions and more helpful advice and personal experiences shared that we can all learn from. ALSO, a higher readership makes us more attractive to sponsors and to companies who want to share their product with you via REVIEWS (that I post about) and GIVEAWAYS (free goodies for you!). So please, help us in promoting our blog by showing your support with a vote. We love you for it.

Lastly, I’d like to thank The Bangles for providing today with a theme song that I’ll be  humming to myself all day long:

“It’s just another manic Monday.

I wish it were Sunday.

‘Cause that’s my funday.

My I don’t have to runday.

It’s just another manic Monday.”

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  1. wait until she's taught to call the entire family to dinner using the term "Dinner Bitches!" Yep, its a sure winner… for everyone BUT me! LOL While I do laugh, and think while she's small, it's cute, I can't help but wonder how many schools she is going to get kicked out of…. I find it EXTREMELY HARD not to laugh at my girls these days, trying to keep a straight face while disciplining them is beyond hard – need to create acting classes for mommies – keeping your shit together because you are supposed to, not because you want to – the guide to not laughing at your hysterical children!

    • Whoa! If I were at your house for dinner, I'd totally be the jerky friend who laughs hysterically at that! Which would be immediately followed with me covering my mouth with my hand and an "oops". Man, I'm so in for it. Thanks for sharing :)
      My recent post If The Ring Fits…

  2. Amazingly Maddy's first words were not my doing.. but when "ta pu" comes out of your kids mouth and you know EXACTLY what she meant.. it's a little horrifying and horrifyingly funny and hard not to laugh. As far as curbing.. I bite my tongue and make a sound of frustration.. at six she knows what to say and not say, but we all know in those moments you aren't thinking about what should and should not be said.. especially a six year old! Mentally though… I'm streamin' those words!!!! ;)

  3. We call both our cats "Shitty Kitties"…wait til P goes to school & tells her friends that she play with "Shitty", her best furry pal…oye vey.

  4. Wait until she says “eff that” or “mother trucker”. Yup. Classy huh? ;)

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