Where have we been?

We have been raising a fussy little baby girl.

1 month and a day little Mia

She is awesome and adorable but man she can be a fussy one.  We are still trying to figure out how much she needs/wants to eat and when. We’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

I was thinking of writing a dad’s birth story. Would you like to hear my story if you haven’t already?

Hopefully Misty will get some time to write a few new posts and share what’s been going on.

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  1. Glad you all are doing well. A baby can be a handful,hang in there! It does get better….until she becomes a teenager!

    • Oh my goodness…I know exactly how bratty teenage girls can be. I was one. Weren't we all? I'm just trying to hang in there until month 4. I hear that's when things really get better.

  2. Anonymous says

    Always nice to hear daddy's side too!!!!!! :)

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