You know you’re a mom when… (Wednesday)

In motherhood, there are some unexpected behaviors a mom experiences that she could have never prepared herself for. Probably because they’re pretty ridiculous, sometimes embarrassing and are most likely not her finest moments. But, one huge lesson learned in motherhood is that there will be times you’ll just have to laugh at yourself and at life, to keep your sanity in tact.

Below are 5 actual, true story moments that I’ve had or continue to experience as a mom. Can you relate? What are your “mom moments”? Check out my “You know you’re a mom when…” series here.

 You know you’re a mom when…

1) …you catch yourself rocking or swaying back and forth or side to side while in line at the store, or anywhere for that matter, but without a child in your arms.

2) …you often find yourself humming or singing songs from children’s movies or TV shows, even when the TV is off. Even when your kids aren’t around! It’s even worse to catch yourself bobbing your head to the beat.

3) …you give your t-shirts a unique “smell check” to determine whether or not you can wear them again or you should toss them in the hamper, which consists of smelling the shoulders (rather than the armpits) for that sour, spit-up odor! (This applies more to moms of infants…or maybe it’s just me?! Please, someone else tell me they’ve done this, too!)

4) …you cross your legs and squeeze real tight before coughing or more importantly, sneezing. Oh great, panty change…again! (This applies to moms who gave birth vaginally)

5) …many of your conversations with other adults consist of spelling out words and names of people so your small child doesn’t pick up on what and who you’re talking about. Once the kid can spell…you’re s-c-r-e-w-e-d. Oh wait…


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  1. yes – all of them. the wonderful things that come with the wonderful kids. :)

  2. Great list! #2 is especially true for me!

  3. I’m number 2 all the way. I even used to listen to the Fresh Beat Band CD even when the kids weren’t in the car.

  4. haha I love this list! I’m always rocking, too!!

  5. I love #1 because I do this!! My husband even mentioned it the other night when it was just the two of us lol! This is a great list!!

  6. I can relate to more than I care to admit to. Ahem. Especially #2, Daniel Tiger songs never leave my head. E.v.e.r!

  7. I find myself singing Ralph’s World songs when Allison isn’t around. I’ll even keep the flash drive in the car that plays all the songs; I guess I just like him, too. =P

  8. I love the ecard! Although I am blessed that after two kids I don’t have to worry about sneezing, pretty sure that is pure luck and maybe genetics.

  9. DEFINITELY #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t rocked Lyla in any sort of way in so many years and yet I still rock back and forth or sway all over the place!


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