You know you’re a mom when… (Wednesday)


In motherhood, there are some unexpected behaviors a mom experiences that she could have never prepared herself for. Probably because they’re pretty ridiculous, sometimes embarrassing and are most likely not her finest moments. But, one huge lesson learned in motherhood is that there will be times you’ll just have to laugh at yourself and at life, to keep your sanity in tact.

Below are 5 actual, true story moments that I’ve had or continue to experience as a mom. Can you relate? Please say, “Yes!” Check out my entire “You know you’re a mom when…” series here.


 You know you’re a mom when…

1) …you rarely get to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning, from start to finish. When this happens and my coffee becomes room temp, I’ll add ice cubes to the last half and pretend that I meant it to be iced to begin with.

2) …the items on your wishlist for your birthday, Mother’s Day and/or Christmas no longer include things you can buy at a store. Instead, it looks more like this: A nap. One kid-free hour to do absolutely nothing. One meal made for me. Peace and quiet. The housework done (or to be more realistic, at least one chore done). I’ve been keeping track each year and boy, oh boy, is my husband in for a big surprise when my kids are old enough for these things to become the norm again. I will be owed at least 50 actual gifts. But I will also accept a check for, say, $10,000 instead. That should cover it. Start saving, dear!

3) …your gift buying decisions for other children is solely based on whether or not it’s annoyingly noisy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to tell someone who’s gifted Mia with a noisy, talking or musical toy…”Yeah, you clearly don’t have kids. Stick to gift cards.”

4) …you avoid all news articles or programming that involves any kind of tragedy involving a child, because otherwise you’ll become physically ill, will cry for the next hour or two, be depressed/moody for the rest of the day and/or become unrealistically and extremely fearful for your child’s safety no matter what, where or hour of the day.

5) …you’ve had a little one attached to you while you’ve peed. I admit, there was a time when Mia was a baby and was strapped in my Moby wrap, and asleep. I had been holding it in for far too long and wasn’t about to interrupt the peaceful slumber of my child…so I peed. And she came with me. Maybe this has something to do with the female desire to use the restroom at the same time as their girlfriends? Hmm….that may be a stretch.

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  1. 10k huh?

  2. #4 is so true! My husband and I are both like that. I am completely incapable of hearing/reading about any tragedies or near tragedies involving children.

    And, yes, #5 happens pretty frequently. If the baby’s having a wrap nap and mom’s gotta go, she’s gotta go. One of the great things about babywearing is that you can.

    • I don’t know why I didn’t baby wear more often with my first. I’m definitely discovering it’s hidden benefits this time around. Thanks for stopping by :)

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