You know you’re a mom when… (Wednesday)


In motherhood, there are some unexpected behaviors a mom experiences that she could have never prepared herself for. Probably because they’re pretty ridiculous, sometimes embarrassing and are most likely not her finest moments. But, one huge lesson learned in motherhood is that there will be times you’ll just have to laugh at yourself and at life, to keep your sanity in tact.

Below are 5 actual, true story moments that I’ve had or continue to experience as a mom. Can you relate? Please say, “Yes!” Check out my entire “You know you’re a mom when…” series here.

 laundry pile

You know you’re a mom when…

1) …you run towards puke or spit-up, rather than away from it. I’m actually pretty impressed with how fast I can get my hand under Margo’s chin before she releases a mouth full of curdled formula. I’m pretty bad-ass like that.

2) …you fold laundry during your “free time.” So true for me. I usually try to save this during nap times so I can watch trashy adult TV programming, like The Bachelor in Paradise.

3) …every place in the world suddenly has “hours of operation”…and they’re usually closed. “Mom, can we go to the park? …the zoo? …the bakery? …the toy store? …Grandma’s house? …Disneyland? …can we go for a walk?” No, no and no. Why? Because they’re all closed.

4) …you’ve never bought a stuffed animal, Play Doh, Legos, glitter or stickers, yet somehow they’re scattered throughout your entire house.

5) …you finally get a shower and afterwards, you just put the same pair of yoga pants back on.

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  1. oh my gosh, TOO funny! I totally love folding laundry while catching up on tv shows ( and YouTube videos! ) and I am always telling my youngest that places are “closed”! :)

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